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Post by NiKEUS »

Editing the registry to move stuck Avi files

Seeing this a lot?

Windows XP seems to have a really annoying problem when it comes to reading Avi's, when you click on an AVI file in explorer, it'll try to read the whole Avi file to determine the width, height, duration and so on of the Avi file this is the info displayed in the "Properties" window from when you right mouse click. The problem seems to be Windows when you have a broken/not fully downloaded Avi or a new codec/filter config that doesn’t contain this "needed :roll: " info, Windows will scan the entire file trying to work out all these properties and in the process will probably cause 100% CPU usage and some big memory usage.
Fortunately this problem is quite easily solved by doing the following:

Hit your start button and go to "ImageRun..."

You should have a window pop up that has a blank field, type in this field "regedit" like this picture shows:

Press Enter or click "OK"

You will be confronted with an explorer window that looks like this:

Now follow this directory opening each folder named accordingly:

Now you should be at the ender of a lot of drop folders and there will be a value there called "(Default)" with the value "{87D62D94-71B3-4b9a-9489-5FE6850DC73E}" right mouse click on it and go to delete, you will be prompted, click "Yes"

Voila! That’s it! It should now look like this in that directory:

You can now go and move or delete them "Stuck" Avi files.

PLEASE NOTE: Please use some caution when using the Registry Editor.
Improper usage may cause windows to behave incorrectly. Also, I cannot be held responsible. Backup your registry first!

Deleting Files with Spybot: Search & Destroy (SBS&D)

Another way to delete stubborn files is to use Spybot: Search & Destroy, there is a tool, in which you can force delete any stubborn files (not necessarily AVIs).

After starting the program, at the left, click Tools > Secure Shredder

now, drag and drop any files you want into the white square, then click 'Chop It Away!'

Alternatively you can simply right mouse click anywhere in the white box and click "Add file(s) to the list..." then simply select the directory of the file you wish to delete.
once done, SBS&D will have a note on the right of the file in the white box saying "shredded".
Should this fail to work, you will either need to follow the guide [goto=above]above[/goto] about editing the registry or follow the guide [goto=bot]below[/goto] about ending explorer and then you will can select the file by right mouse clicking in the window of SBS&D and selecting "Add file(s) to the list..."

And that’s it, the file should be gone!

Ending Windows Explorer and restarting it.

Ok so you need to end windows explorer to delete that file that is stuck?
This is pretty simple to do!
press Ctrl + Alt + Delete at the same time, you will be shown a window looking like this:

(If not simply select "Processes" on the top tabs.)
Now simply select the process named "explorer.exe" then click "End Process" at the bottom right of the Window Task Manager, you will be confronted with a Task Manager Warning message saying "WARNING: Terminating a process can cause...." just click "Yes"
All of a sudden your explorer bar at the bottom of the screen will have disappeared :O don’t fret! You can now follow the guide above in deleting a file with SBS&D, you can change between active programs by using Alt + Tab(the button with two arrows pointing in different directions is Tab)

You now want you Windows Explorer back don’t you?
Don’t worry, this is simple too!
Just go back to Windows Task Manager (If you have shut by accident just Ctrl + Alt + Del again)

Now go to the tab "Applications" and click on the bottom right button "New Task..."

another little window will appear, type into that box "explorer.exe" and you will have a view resembling this:

Click "OK" and Windows Explorer will be running again.

Thanks to KiNG who suggested this way of deleting files with SBS&D.

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Post by n7of9 »

you can also try Unlocker to unlock any type of file when explorer says it is in use by another process

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