Discovery Channel - Perfect Disaster

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Discovery Channel - Perfect Disaster

Post by dodgydellboy » Wed Sep 27, 2006 6:34 pm

Expert scientific testimony, specially commissioned computer models and stunning CGI visuals from the team behind 'Walking With Dinsosaurs' combine to create the most realistic perfect storms imaginable in the six-part series 'Perfect Disaster, premiering Sunday, March 19, from 9-11 PM ET/PT.

Stunning CGI will thrust viewers inside the storms, giving them an exclusive look at the precise atmospheric factors that combine to create the weather. The special explains rarely seen storm phenomenon such as fish raining from the sky before a tornado and how a solar storm could cause a global blackout. Viewers will also learn the warning signs of approaching extreme weather, arming them with the knowledge necessary to react quickly.

Scientists warn that perfect storms are inevitable. They may not happen every decade or every lifetime, but when they hit the world’s largest cities, they unleash perfect disasters. The storms in 'Perfect Disaster' hit cities where they are most vulnerable and where they can do the most damage.

The series includes a super tornado bearing down on Dallas, Texas; a solar storm threatening New York City, a super typhoon readying to swallow Hong Kong, China; a mega flood coming for London, England; a fire storm blazing toward Sydney, Australia and an ice storm that could bring Montreal, Canada to a standstill.
These perfect disasters will unfold through the eyes of those fighting to survive them, in vivid dramatizations. From everyday people to weather experts, they will make decisions that change their lives and the lives of those around them, forever.

“Everyone has been affected by the forces of Mother Nature, but 'Perfect Disaster' goes one step further to educate viewers about how these perfect storms are formed and what the warning signs are,” says Jane Root, executive vice president and general manager, Discovery, Science and Military Channels, U.S. “By gaining the knowledge of what’s possible, we can better prepare for the inevitable.”

'Perfect Disaster' is being produced for Discovery Channel by Impossible Pictures. Will Aslett is executive producer for Impossible Pictures. Gaynelle Evans is executive producer for Discovery Channel.

Discovery.Channel.Perfect.Disaster.S01E01.Super.Tornado.2006.avi  [348.83 Mb]
Discovery.Channel.Perfect.Disaster.S01E02.Solar.Storm.2006.TVRip-SoS.avi  [348.98 Mb]
Discovery.Channel.Perfect.Disaster.S01E03.Super.Typhoon.2006.avi  [350.82 Mb]
Discovery.Channel.Perfect.Disaster.S01E04.Mega.Flood.2006.avi  [348.52 Mb]
Discovery.Channel.Perfect.Disaster.S01E05.Fire.Storm.2006.avi  [348.76 Mb]
Discovery.Channel.Perfect.Disaster.S01E06.Ice.Storm.2006.avi  [348.62 Mb]

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Re: Discovery Channel - Perfect Disaster

Post by emoneypitt » Sat May 01, 2010 7:35 am

Yes, I'd like to have this too. Hopefully someone out there still has a complete series.

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Re: Discovery Channel - Perfect Disaster

Post by csc_yyc2010 » Sat Oct 23, 2010 12:06 am

this documentary is so cool>< i really want that episode about Hong Kong....
anyone still has he entire series?

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