Discovery Channel - Body Atlas (1994)

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Discovery Channel - Body Atlas (1994)

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Discovery Channel - Body Atlas

Venture inside the human body for an up-close, unprecedented look at the miniature miracles that occur everyday under our skin.

Thirteen episodes of cutting-edge computer graphics and groundbreaking film techniques reveal the secret inner-workings of the body – from our perfectly assembled skeletons to the mystery behind the hiccup reflex – while a "see-through" man and woman map the complex geography of blood vessels, muscles and tissue that entwine us all. But more than just a course in medicine, each program matches the interior processes to the practical ways they affect our everyday lives – demonstrating that what matters most is on the inside.

The Human Pump
Over a lifetime, the human heart will beat two-and-a-half billion times and pump some 50 million gallons of blood. With the help of arteries, capillaries and veins, it delivers blood to all corners of the body. Learn what blood pressure reveals and why blood is truly thicker than water. And discover how blood clots – or, in the case of hemophiliacs, how it doesn't.

Breath of Life
Most organisms can go without food and water for days, but can't subsist without oxygen for more than a few minutes. See how vital oxygen is absorbed from the air and transferred to the blood in the lungs' huge air/blood interface. Amazing in-the-body footage shows how red blood cells carry oxygen, where the oxygen goes and how it is used.

Defend and Repair
Learn all about the body's immune system and go face-to-face with mankind's greatest enemy – germs. Each of us has more than two pounds of bacteria in our intestines, but how exactly do these creepy critters cause disease? See first-hand how the body heals torn skin, mends broken bones and fights infection.

Witness the miracle of life – on a microscopic level. Amazing footage shows how the ovaries produce eggs and how sperm is created. After the egg is fertilized, track the growth of an actual fetus in the womb – from the development of its tiny organs to its eventual, miraculous birth.

The Brain
It only weighs three pounds, but it's more powerful than any computer on earth. Discover how our nerves relay messages around the body and how reflexes originate in the lower brain. Visit the location centers for sight, hearing and speech, and see how functions like memory are distributed throughout the brain.

Muscle and Bone
Add 206 bones to 656 muscles and you get one of the most amazing machines on earth – the human body. But, how do all of those parts fit together? Learn how muscle and bone work in tandem to enable weightlifters to bear tremendous weight and acrobats to perform the most delicate maneuvers. Discover how exercise can allow you to achieve the "perfect" body – and why that might not be such a wise move.

In the Womb
While the average human life stretches 70 years, no time is more important than the first nine months. Follow the growth of a single fertilized cell – invisible to the unaided eye – as it matures into its embryonic stage, through its gestation and eventually to its amazing birth as a new and unique human being.

Glands and Hormones
Hormones control the rhythm of our lives – when we eat or laugh, how tall we become, what sex we are. Take a close look at the chemical communication networks between hormones and glands, and understand the mystery behind seasonal affective disorder and the adrenaline-fueled "flight or fight" response.

The Food Machine
Take a trip through the alimentary canal to see what happens to the food we eat. Start in the mouth, where powerful teeth initiate the digestive process. Then, hitch a ride on the saliva train for a journey through the esophagus. Dodge deadly acid attacks in the stomach and further breakdowns in the small intestine. And finally, be eliminated as solid waste. It's a dirty job, but everyone's got to do it.

Visual Reality
The human eye can outperform the best cameras, yet can easily be fooled by a simple optical illusion. Become familiar with the different parts of our incredible cameras – the cornea, iris and lens – and find out how we process images using rods and cones to distinguish contrast and color.

Taste and Smell
Travel through the olfactory tract to learn why taste and smell are irrevocably linked. Visit a wine tasting, where receptors on the tongue and in the nose enable visitors to distinguish between a myriad of flavors. Discover how even the most underwhelming scent can evoke a powerful memory and understand the effects of hay fever and other allergies.

Now Hear This
The ear is the only sense organ that does two completely unrelated jobs: it allows us to hear and keeps us on sound footing. Go from the eardrum and cochlea – the auditory heart of the ear – to the semi-circular canals that control balance. And, learn why your hearing and musical pitch might be better than your neighbor's – and how you can tell.

It's the body's largest organ – the average adult's skin weighs about seven pounds – and yet we shed it every month. Learn how your skin contributes to hair growth and the production of finger and toenails. Go inside the body to see the journey of a sweat droplet – from its birth in the sweat glands to its departure via one of the trillions of pores on your skin.

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iN3K                      ((__))

Name      : Discovery.Channel.Body.Atlas.1994.Tr.En.DVDRip.XviD-iN3K
Genre     : Documentary
Info      :
Release   : 13.03.2007
Source    : R2 PAL DVD
Length    : ~ 00:25:00 x 13 | 4.29 gb (13 chapters with subs)
Video     : XviD | 576 x 432 | 1.33:1 | 1560 kbps | 25 fps
Audio 1   : Tr | MP3 | VBR 128 kbps | 48 khz | 2 ch
Audio 2   : En | MP3 | VBR 128 kbps | 48 khz | 2 ch
Subtitle  : Tur
Contact   :
Notes     : Breath Of Life, Defend And Repair, Glands And Hormones,
            In The Womb, Muscle And Bone, Now Hear This, Sex, Skin,
            Taste And Smell, The Brain, The Food Machine,
            The Human Pump, Visual Reality
Discovery.Channel.Body.Atlas.1994.Tr.En.DVDRip.XviD-iN3K.nfo  [831 Bytes]
DC.Body.Atlas.1994.Tr.En.DVDRip.XviD.Turkish.Subs-iN3K.rar  [3.18 Mb]
DC.Body.Atlas.Breath.Of.Life.Tr.En.DVDRip.XviD-iN3K.avi  [334.51 Mb]
DC.Body.Atlas.Defend.And.Repair.Tr.En.DVDRip.XviD-iN3K.avi  [334.11 Mb]
DC.Body.Atlas.Glands.And.Hormones.Tr.En.DVDRip.XviD-iN3K.avi  [332.68 Mb]
DC.Body.Atlas.In.The.Womb.Tr.En.DVDRip.XviD-iN3K.avi  [272.63 Mb]
DC.Body.Atlas.Muscle.And.Bone.Tr.En.DVDRip.XviD-iN3K.avi  [333.30 Mb]
DC.Body.Atlas.Now.Hear.This.Tr.En.DVDRip.XviD-iN3K.avi  [334.03 Mb]
DC.Body.Atlas.Sex.Tr.En.DVDRip.XviD-iN3K.avi  [333.79 Mb]
DC.Body.Atlas.Skin.Tr.En.DVDRip.XviD-iN3K.avi  [332.87 Mb]
DC.Body.Atlas.Taste.And.Smell.Tr.En.DVDRip.XviD-iN3K.avi  [334.36 Mb]
DC.Body.Atlas.The.Brain.Tr.En.DVDRip.XviD-iN3K.avi  [332.97 Mb]
DC.Body.Atlas.The.Food.Machine.Tr.En.DVDRip.XviD-iN3K.avi  [334.54 Mb]
DC.Body.Atlas.The.Human.Pump.Tr.En.DVDRip.XviD-iN3K.avi  [333.21 Mb]
DC.Body.Atlas.Visual.Reality.Tr.En.DVDRip.XviD-iN3K.avi  [433.28 Mb]

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