BBC - Ascent Of Man

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BBC - Ascent Of Man

Post by Rhadamanthys » Sat Sep 02, 2006 7:09 am

BBC - Ascent Of Man


Status: Ended
Show Categories: Documentary

The Ascent of Man is regarded as one of television's greatest acheivements. Dr Jacob Bronowski traces the steps of scientific imagination through history as they happened, where they happened.

This lavish and thought-provoking series tells the story of the ideas that have transformed our lives.

More than three years in the making, with location filming in over 20 countries, this award-winning series remains compelling viewing.

Includes a specially written 48 page illustrated booklet of viewing notes to accompany this DVD.

Season 1
BBC_-_Ascent_Of_Man_-_Episode_01_-_Lower_Than_The_Angels.(DVD).Blaiser47.XviD.avi  [348.84 Mb]
BBC_-_Ascent_Of_Man_-_Episode_02_-_Harvest_Of_The_Seasons.(DVD).Blaiser47 [MVGroup].XviD.avi  [348.73 Mb]
BBC_-_Ascent_Of_Man_-_Episode_03_-_Hidden_Structure.(DVD).Blaiser47 [MVGroup].XviD.avi  [348.73 Mb]
BBC_-_Ascent_Of_Man_-_Episode_04_-_Music_Of_The_Spheres.(DVD).Blaiser47.XviD.avi  [348.70 Mb]
BBC_-_Ascent_Of_Man_-_Episode_05_-_The_Starry_Messenger.(DVD).Blaiser47.XviD.avi  [348.75 Mb]
BBC_-_Ascent_Of_Man_-_Episode_06_-_The_Majestic_Clockwork.(DVD).Blaiser47.XviD.avi  [348.73 Mb]
BBC_-_Ascent_Of_Man_-_Episode_07_-_The_Drive_For_Powe.(DVD).Blaiser47.XviD.avi  [347.82 Mb]
BBC_-_Ascent_Of_Man_-_Episode_08_-_The_Ladder_Of_Creation.(DVD).Blaiser47.XviD.avi  [348.73 Mb]
BBC_-_Ascent_Of_Man_-_Episode_09_-_The_Grain_In_The_Stone.(DVD).Blaiser47.XviD.avi  [348.73 Mb]
BBC_-_Ascent_Of_Man_-_Episode_10_-_World_Within_World.(DVD).Blaiser47.XviD.avi  [349.58 Mb]
BBC_-_Ascent_Of_Man_-_Episode_11_-_Knowledge_Or_Certainty.(DVD).Blaiser47.XviD.avi  [352.89 Mb]
BBC_-_Ascent_Of_Man_-_Episode_12_-_Generation_Upon_Generation.(DVD).Blaiser47.XviD.avi  [349.57 Mb]
BBC_-_Ascent_Of_Man_-_Episode_13_-_The_Long_Childhood.(DVD).Blaiser47.XviD.avi  [349.56 Mb]

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Re: BBC - Ascent Of Man

Post by voetsak » Wed Sep 12, 2012 11:54 pm

thanks a lot :v

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