BBC - The Future Is Wild (I, II, III)

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BBC - The Future Is Wild (I, II, III)

Post by Rhadamanthys » Sat Sep 02, 2006 7:09 am

The Future Is Wild


Status: Ended
Show Categories: Documentary

A team of scientists gather together to try and predict what the world could be like if modern civilization is wiped out. It tells the story of the future of our planet through three future time periods. The first four programmes are set 5 million years from now, the next four are set in 100 million years and the last four are set in 200 million years from now. In addition, there is an overview episode introducing the whole series, making 13 episodes in total.

Created on the basis of real biological and evolutionary theories provided by a group of eminent scientists and using the latest animation techniques, THE FUTURE IS WILD brings to life the natural world yet to come. Creatures and places are named, ice-ages are predicted, and cataclysmic events unfold when THE FUTURE IS WILD!

Part 1
BBC_-_The_Future_Is_Wild_I_-_Ice_World_-_Chapter_01_-_Welcome_To_The_Future.(DVD)...San[MVGroup].avi  [350.46 Mb]
BBC_-_The_Future_Is_Wild_I_-_Ice_World_-_Chapter_02_-_Return_Of_The_Ice.(DVD).HassiSan[MVGroup].avi  [350.50 Mb]
BBC_-_The_Future_Is_Wild_I_-_Ice_World_-_Chapter_03_-_The_Vanished_Sea.(DVD).HassiSan[MVGroup].avi  [350.29 Mb]
BBC_-_The_Future_Is_Wild_I_-_Ice_World_-_Chapter_04_-_Prairies_Of_Amazonia.(DVD)....San[MVGroup].avi  [350.52 Mb]
BBC_-_The_Future_Is_Wild_I_-_Ice_World_-_Chapter_05_-_Cold_Kansas_Desert.(DVD).HassiSan[MVGroup].avi  [350.10 Mb]

Part 2
BBC_-_The_Future_Is_Wild_II_-_Hothouse_World_-_Chapter_01_-_Water_World.(DVD).HassiSan[MVGroup].avi  [350.00 Mb]
BBC_-_The_Future_Is_Wild_II_-_Hothouse_World_-_Chapter_02_-_Flooded_World.(DVD).H...San[MVGroup].avi  [350.09 Mb]
BBC_-_The_Future_Is_Wild_II_-_Hothouse_World_-_Chapter_03_-_Tropical_Antarctica.(...San[MVGroup].avi  [349.92 Mb]
BBC_-_The_Future_Is_Wild_II_-_Hothouse_World_-_Chapter_04_-_The_Great_Plateau.(DV...San[MVGroup].avi  [350.10 Mb]

Part 3
BBC_-_The_Future_Is_Wild_III_-_New_World_-_Chapter_01_-_The_Endless_Desert.(DVD)....San[MVGroup].avi  [349.84 Mb]
BBC_-_The_Future_Is_Wild_III_-_New_World_-_Chapter_02_-_The_Global_Ocean.(DVD).HassiSan[MVGroup].avi  [350.04 Mb]
BBC_-_The_Future_Is_Wild_III_-_New_World_-_Chapter_03_-_Graveland_Desert.(DVD).HassiSan[MVGroup].avi  [349.92 Mb]
BBC_-_The_Future_Is_Wild_III_-_New_World_-_Chapter_04_-_The_Tentacled_Forest.(DVD...San[MVGroup].avi  [349.95 Mb]

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