BBC - Life On Earth

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BBC - Life On Earth

Post by Rhadamanthys » Sat Sep 02, 2006 7:20 am

Life On Earth


Status: Ended
Show Categories: Documentary

First broadcast in 1979, Life On Earth began a new era in television, looking at the incredible variety of the world's wildlife and its evolution. David Attenborough and his talented team of cameramen, producers and scientific advisers bring to the screen some quite remarkable images, which have a lasting impact on any audience. This series was the biggest ever undertaken by the Natural History Unit at the time, using over a million feet of film and 100 locations.

It traces the dramatic history of life on earth from its very beginnings, some 3.5 billion years ago, to the final emergence of man and the array of animals that share the world with us today. Life On Earth established David Attenborough and the award-winning Natural History Unit at the forefront of wildlife documentary filmmaking.

Season 1
BBC_-_Episode_01_-_The_Infinite_Variety.(DVD).mvgroup.avi  [699.32 Mb]
BBC_-_Episode_02_-_Building_Bodies.(DVD).mvgroup.avi  [699.36 Mb]
BBC_-_Episode_03_-_First_Forests.(DVD).mvgroup.avi  [699.40 Mb]
BBC_-_Episode_04_-_The_Swarming_Hordes.(DVD).mvgroup.avi  [699.38 Mb]
BBC_-_Episode_05_-_Conquest_Of_The_Waters.(DVD).mvgroup.avi  [699.36 Mb]
BBC_-_Episode_06_-_The_Invasion_Of_The_Land.(DVD).mvgroup.avi  [682.84 Mb]
BBC_-_Episode_07_-_Victors_Of_The_Dry_Lands.(DVD).mvgroup.avi  [694.75 Mb]
BBC_-_Episode_08_-_Lords_Of_The_Air.(DVD).mvgroup.avi  [692.43 Mb]
BBC_-_Episode_09_-_The_Rise_Of_The_Mammals.(DVD).mvgroup.avi  [690.15 Mb]
BBC_-_Episode_10_-_Theme_And_Variation.(DVD).mvgroup.avi  [689.28 Mb]
BBC_-_Episode_11_-_The_Hunters_And_Hunted.(DVD).mvgroup.avi  [699.91 Mb]
BBC_-_Episode_12_-__Life_In_The_Trees.(DVD).mvgroup.avi  [691.32 Mb]
BBC_-_Episode_13_-_The_Pulsive_Municators.(DVD).mvgroup.avi  [701.91 Mb]
BBC_-_Episode_14_-_The_Making_Of_(Extra).(DVD).mvgroup.avi  [346.71 Mb]

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