BBC - Earth Story

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BBC - Earth Story

Post by Rhadamanthys » Sat Oct 28, 2006 1:39 pm

Earth Story

Status: Ended
Premiered: 1998
Show Category: Documentary

The viewer is taken on a voyage of discovery in 8 episodes from the first observations of geological curiosities and Wegener's continental jigsaw to the mechanisms deep in the Earth that drive them. The evidence is there for anyone to see if only you know where to look. Aubrey Manning is superb as a presenter, a biologist making his own discovery that life and the deep geology of our planet are intimately linked - neither can do without the other. Manning not only shows new ideas, but is taking us on his own journey of discovery, his fascination as new explanations unfold draws you into this detective story of our planet's history and the mechanisms that drive it to this day.

The Earth emerges as a quite extraordinary, unique and very special living planet which we should marvel at and respect. This is the BBC at its very best.

Season 1
BBC.Earth.Story.Ep1.The.Time.Travellers.Divx511.AC3.avi  [699.47 Mb]
BBC.Earth.Story.Ep2.The.Deep.DivX511.AC3.avi  [699.71 Mb]
BBC.Earth.Story.Ep3.Ring.of.Fire.DivX511.AC3.avi  [699.69 Mb]  [699.60 Mb]
BBC.Earth.Story.Ep5.The.Roof.of.the.World.DivX511.AC3.avi  [699.57 Mb]
BBC.Earth.Story.Ep6.The.Big.Freeze.DivX511.AC3.avi  [699.62 Mb]
BBC.Earth.Story.Ep7.The.Living.Earth.DivX511.AC3.avi  [699.76 Mb]
BBC.Earth.Story.Ep8.A.World.Apart.DivX511.AC3.avi  [699.69 Mb]

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Re: BBC - Earth Story

Post by squirrel38 » Thu Jan 28, 2010 11:52 am

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