BBC - Living Britain

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BBC - Living Britain

Post by Rhadamanthys » Sat Oct 28, 2006 1:42 pm

Living Britain

Show Category: Documentary

Accompanying the major six-part BBC television series, Living Britain is a celebration of the rich and varied landscapes and wildlife that have survived in Britain to the end of the twentieth century.

Month by month, Living Britain chronicles the wildlife year, tracking the way the lives of native plants and animals change with the cycle of the seasons and react to the contemporary British way of life - both urban and rural. From the wild highlands of Scotland in the grip of deepest winter to the modern heart of London in high summer, this book presents a wildlife diary of a typical year up and down the country.

Interspersed with this unfolding portrait of living Britain are informative special features. Focusing on subjects of topical interest such as the return of the otter, the precarious future of the badger, and the demise of many songbirds, these features show how native plants, birds and animals respond to Britain's ever-changing landscape.

Season 1
BBC.Living.Britain.1of6.Deepest.Winter.XviD-AC3.avi  [699.00 Mb]
BBC.Living.Britain.2of6.Spring.XviD-AC3.avi  [698.55 Mb]
BBC.Living.Britain.3of6.Early.Summer.XviD-AC3.avi  [697.68 Mb]
BBC.Living.Britain.4of6.High.Summer.XviD-AC3.avi  [699.83 Mb]
BBC.Living.Britain.5of6.Autumn.XviD-AC3.avi  [699.34 Mb]
BBC.Living.Britain.6of6.Winter.Reflections.XviD-AC3.avi  [699.81 Mb]

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