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BBC - Connections

Post by Rhadamanthys » Sat Oct 28, 2006 1:53 pm


Show Category: Documentary

Connections - the companion volume to the BBC television series - is James Burke's new examination of the ideas, inventions and coincidences that have culminated in the major technological achievements of today.
Connections takes eight innovations on which we now depend and which may prove most influential for this and future generations: the computer, the telephone, the production line, the aeroplane, the atomic bomb, plastics, the guided rocket and television. It untangles the pattern of interconnecting events, the accidents of time, circumstance and place that have given rise to each of these innovations and to a host of others on the way.
In doing so, James Burke shows how and why change takes place. Abandoning convention, he demonstrates that history is less a matter of great men and lonely geniuses, more a process involving every member of society - the ploughmen, the carpenters, the metalworkers, the weavers, without whose skills the instruments of invention would not have been available. The background to each event is seen to be a fascinating mixture of craftsmanship, climatic change, observation, ambition, deceit, greed, religious belief and war. All have proved vital to the major inventions that have changed the course of history and contributed to the man-made world of today.

Season 1
BBC.Connections1.1of10.The.Trigger.Effect.DivX-AC3.mvgroup.avi  [700.31 Mb]
BBC.Connections1.2of10.Death.In.The.Morning.DivX-AC3.mvgroup.avi  [700.29 Mb]
BBC.Connections1.3of10.Distant.Voices.DivX-AC3.mvgroup.avi  [700.41 Mb]
BBC.Connections1.4of10.Faith.In.Numbers.DivX-AC3.mvgroup.avi  [700.23 Mb]
BBC.Connections1.5of10.The.Wheel.of.Fortune.DivX-AC3.mvgroup.avi  [699.50 Mb]
BBC.Connections1.6of10.Thunder.In.The.Skies.DivX-AC3.mvgroup.avi  [700.31 Mb]
BBC.Connections1.7of10.The.Long.Chain.DivX-AC3.mvgroup.avi  [700.43 Mb]
BBC.Connections1.8of10.Eat.Drink.And.Be.Merry.DivX-AC3.mvgroup.avi  [700.66 Mb]
BBC.Connections1.9of10.Countdown.DivX-AC3.mvgroup.avi  [700.70 Mb]
BBC.Connections1.10of10.Yesterday.Tomorrow.And.You.DivX-AC3.mvgroup.avi  [700.28 Mb]

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