BBC - Wild South America

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BBC - Wild South America

Post by Rhadamanthys » Sat Oct 28, 2006 2:18 pm

Wild South America ... tid=735724

Show Category: Documentary

A six part series, Wild South America explores the exciting, diverse and unique wildlife that inhabits the dramatic landscapes of the vast South American continent.

It is a land of great extremes, stretching from the Antarctic to the Equator, from tropical seas to ice-capped peaks, and it has the planet's greatest river system, longest mountain chain, biggest and richest rainforest and driest desert.

As a special added bonus this double DVD set includes a feature on the comical and sometimes ferocious Giant Otter, in Wildlife on One – Giant Otters, Wolves of the River. This spectacular series won five awards including a BAFTA for photography.

Episode Listing

* Lost World
* Mighty Amazon
* The Great Plains
* The Andes
* Amazon Jungle
* Penguin Shores

Season 1
Wild.South.America.Ep1.2002.DVDRip.Dual-Audio.XviD-NewMov.avi  [698.70 Mb]
Wild.South.America.Ep2.2002.DVDRip.Dual-Audio.XviD-NewMov.avi  [699.06 Mb]
Wild.South.America.Ep3.2002.DVDRip.Dual-Audio.XviD-NewMov.avi  [698.29 Mb]
Wild.South.America.Ep4.2002.DVDRip.Dual-Audio.XviD-NewMov.avi  [698.33 Mb]
Wild.South.America.Ep5.2002.DVDRip.Dual-Audio.XviD-NewMov.avi  [698.35 Mb]
Wild.South.America.Ep6.2002.DVDRip.Dual-Audio.XviD-NewMov.avi  [698.38 Mb]

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