BBC - Brain Story (2000)

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BBC - Brain Story (2000)

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The human brain remains the last great unconquered frontier of science. Somehow, that mass of grey sludge locked inside our skulls creates a whole inner world heaving with emotions, memories, ideas and desires. Everything we see, touch, hear and feel - the illusion of reality - is generated by this inscrutable organ.

For centuries scientists have probed the brain, searching for clues that might shed light on its mysterious workings. Recently, however, with the advent of modern technology and developments in neuroscience, the brain has begun to yield its secrets. The time is ripe to start to make sense of how the brain becomes a mind and how it accounts for our uniquely differing personalities.

In this often mind-boggling tour, Susan Greenfield brings the viewer up to date on the latest theories and controversies. Drawing on the personal stories of many individuals and talking to a wide range of scientists in many parts of the world, she tackles head-on the big questions that touch on all our lives, Where are memories stored? Are our brains a product of nature or nurture? Will we ever build thinking robots? And are free will and consciousness nothing more than illusions produced by the subconscious mind?

Bringing together the different threads of what we are learning now about the brain, Brain Story gives fascinating new insights into what makes you you. Enhanced by outstanding 3-D graphics and intimate case studies, this eye-opening six-part series explores the grand themes emerging from the latest brain research—research that with the aid of modern technology is producing a whole new model of brain function.

All in the Mind
Greenfield talks to a woman having brain surgery while awake and relates the story of a stroke victim who cannot recognise tunes but knows whether music is happy or sad.
In the Heat of the Moment
Greenfield explores how our emotional responses change dramatically as we grow up and uncovers the surprising ways in which they influence every moment of our lives.
The Mind's Eye
The Mind's Eye. Tonight Greenfield explores how the brain interprets what our eyes see, while patients with rare forms of brain damage provide dramatic insights into how this affects their view of the world.
First among Equals
Tonight a look at why humans are so good at planning ahead and working towards a goal, plus a search for the roots of our linguistic abilities.
Growing the Mind
Tonight Greenfield examines the brain's adaptability and proposes that human personality develops when our life experiences cause physical changes in the connections between the brain's cells.
The Final Mystery
Professor Susan Greenfield grapples with the paradoxical idea that the apparently immeasurable phenomenon of consciousness is actually generated by the very physical processes of the brain.
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runtime: 49 min

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Bbc - Brain Story - Ep01 - All in the mind.avi  [698.79 Mb]
Bbc - Brain Story - Ep02 - In The Heat Of The Moment.avi  [698.57 Mb]
Bbc - Brain Story - Ep03 - The Mind's Eye.avi  [698.79 Mb]
Bbc - Brain Story - Ep04 - First Among Equals.avi  [698.80 Mb]
Bbc - Brain Story - Ep05 - Growing The Mind.avi  [698.79 Mb]
Bbc - Brain Story - Ep06 - The Final Mystery.avi  [698.79 Mb]

English subtitles:
Bbc - Brain Story Ep1To6 English Subs Subtitles.rar  [125.8 Kb]

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