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Post by drspikee » Sun Aug 19, 2007 1:05 am

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Developer: Gas Powered Games
Publisher: THQ Inc.
Genre: Strategy / RTS
Release Date: 16 Feb 2007
Age: 12+
Language: English and Polish. Other languages deleted!
Ripped: Other Languages
Hardware Requirements: Pentium 4 3 GHz, 1 GB RAM, 256 MB Video Card (GeForce 6800 or above), Windows XP/Vista.
In the 33rd Century, the old Earth Empire finally collapsed. As chaos engulfed the interstellar empire, the military, under the aegis of the Earth Command, stepped forward to restore order.

Acting in a severe and often draconian manner, Earth Command made the difficult decisions that politicians, mired in corruption and their own self-interest, could not. Entire worlds were abandoned, and much of the Quantum Gate network was intentionally destroyed in an effort to isolate the retreating Prime Worlds from the rest of the galaxy.

Despite the best efforts of the military, civil war erupted. After a hundred years, Earth Command was finally able to restore order and establish a new government, which was christened the United Earth Federation.

Risen, phoenix-like from the ashes of the old Earth Empire, the United Earth Federation vowed to purge itself of bureaucratic corruption and remain pure to a single task: the rescue of mankind's war-torn worlds and an end to the Infinite War. By any and all means necessary.

It has worked toward that goal by maintaining an iron grip on the new empire, creating a totalitarian government out of what might be considered the most successful military coup in human history.

Supreme Commander is the first ever RTS to deliver truly strategic as well as tactical gaming with an emphasis on scope as well as ease of use. Set in the 37th Century you command one of three races as the Supreme Commander with a single goal in mind - to end the 1000 year Infinite War and become the reigning power supreme.

Product Features:
# Planetary warfare on a Galactic scale - zoom from the tactical unit level all the way out to the full theatre of war in one seamless motion
# Includes full naval, ground and air combat
# 3 unique factions that each appeal to different player personalities with approximately 100 units/structures per faction
# 3 story-driven single-player campaigns with a detailed and rich back ground history that weaves into gameplay
# Intuitive & customizable gameplay interface with unsurpassed command and control features let you quickly and efficiently maneuver troops across the battle field
# Robust multiplayer gaming with up to 8 players online plus co-op mode
# Full-on community support including a map & mission editor, downloadable content and instant battle replay features.


Code: Select all

   			.dmdo+++++odmmmmds/`  .+oooooooooooohMh-  -oooooooooooooooo.                                    
  			 `/+yNMMMMMdddddmNMMd.  :dMMMMmhhhhhdNd:   :mMMh+::::/odMNy:`                                    
    			  sMMNh/:``````-oNM/   /NMMM+      -.    -dMN`    `omMM+`                                       
    			 `hMMmo-......+odMN-`  .dMMM+```````     .hMM-   .hMMMs                                        
   			  .hMMMMNNNNNNNMMMN+    `hMMNs+yyyhhhy+-` `+y+`  -dMMMd.                                        
    			 `hMMMMhsmNMMMMNh:`     /o/.....-yMMMMNo       -dMMMM+                                         
    			 `yMMMMN:`-++++-`    `.:/yyyyy-  .mMMMMd      .yMMMMm                              
    			  oNMMMMd`          .yNMMMMMMMo  `hMMMMy      /NMMMMm-                                         
   			   /NMMMMMs`         .hMMMMMmh/    sMMMm-     `yMMMMMNhs:                                       
   			 :ydddddy+/`          .smNNy-`   `/mMms-      .hmhyyyyyy.                                       
   			 `-.`                   `.-++////+o/.`                                   

   **************************************  ~>>Games<<Supreme>>Infos<<Only>>Instalation<<~ **********************************
   Instal ENG:

   1. Instal.
   2. Use the keygen from the Crack\[1]Keygen folder. 
   3. Copy the crack from the Crack\[2]Crack folder.
   4. Run setup.bat   

   Instal PL:

   1. Zainstaluj.
   2. Uzyj keygen-a z folderu Crack\[1]Keygen na płycie.
   3. Skopiuj całą zawartosć folderu Crack\[2]Crack z płyty
      do głównego folderu z zainstalowaną grą. 
   4. Skopiuj całą zawartosć folderu Crack\[3]PL z płyty
      do głównego folderu z zainstalowaną grą. 
   5. Uruchom setup.bat

   BONUS: (crack/win2k folder)
    If  you  are  running  Windows  2000 and the game wont
    start  you  should  copy  faultrep.dll, ws2_32.dll and
    X3DAudio1_1.dll  into the bin directory. This is NOT a
    part  of the crack, it's simply a bonus for anyone who
    wants   to   play   this  game  on  Windows  2000.  No
   Wersja DVD powstała w celach nauki a nie nielegalnego rozprowadzania. Możesz ją
   trzymać 24 godziny i po tym czasie należy skasować. Można ją również traktować 
   jako kopię zapasową oryginału. 
   Nie bierzemy odpowiedzialności za działanie produktu i wszystkiego co może iść
   z jego uzytkowania.  
   Prawo zabrania piractwa więc tego nie róbmy i nie pochwalamy takich działań. Dajcie
   szanse producentom. Zapraszam do sklepów.    
    Big thanks to all supporters :) Reloaded, Deviance and another groups, or some users ;)  
							                       NFO last update 29.06.2006

   ### Życzy miłej zabawy P57 ###
Image Image Image
Supreme.Commander.DVD5.[ENG&PL].[P57].iso  [4.06 Gb]
Supreme.Commander.DVD5.[ENG&PL].[P57].nfo  [4.2 Kb]

[ Add all 2 links to your ed2k client ]
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Post by nando2002 » Sun Oct 21, 2007 9:28 pm

Yes, you can patch. They remove the CD-Check with those patches so you only need the serial. in other word, install (you'll need the keygen), apply all patches and play (you don't need the crack anymore)

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