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The year 2024 was a time no one on Earth would forget -- that is, no one still alive! Meteorites pummeled the planet that day with such severe intensity that 20 million people died from the initial shock. Their screams were heard worldwide and the tidal wave that followed covered the landmass and killed many, many more.

As always, Earth survived and the remnants of the human race have begun to rebuild. It is now sixteen years after the environmental disaster and you are a part of the EDO (Earth Defense Organization). It is the only government left on Earth since everything was wiped out by the meteorites.

Perhaps it's because the Earth is at such a vulnerable period in its existence that outside forces now seek to conquer it. But, one point is clear -- with the help of your comrades, you must protect Earth and destroy these alien forces known as "The Greys."

Tellurian Defense can be played as a single- or multiplayer contest. In single player mode, you choose your difficulty level from easy, medium or hard and can either start the actual game missions right away or practice in training mode. The latter takes you through the basic operations and navigation of your ship and teaches you how to arm and fire missiles and other weapons while guiding you through mission objectives.

You can arm your ship with your choice of weapons at the start of gameplay from the inventory screen by dragging the missiles or guns to the appropriate slot on the ship. To hear the details of what needs to be accomplished in each mission, visit the Briefing Room. Once you're ready to depart, click on Hangar and prepare for war!

Multiplayer mode allows you to play against other gamers via LAN, modem or Internet connection. You can either play a team game in which you must destroy the other team at all costs or you can play deathmatch (each pilot must destroy all other craft). In this mode, you can also choose from among four different maps: Island, Snow, Yatz and Grey.

During flight, you can communicate with your wingmen and instruct them to attack or defend a target. They will also defend you if you need help and you can command them to return to formation when required. Some weapons are available to you at the beginning of the game and others you'll earn as you progress through missions.

Prior to firing upon an enemy, you have to target their ship and, depending on the weapon, lock on to them. Weapons you can equip in Tellurian Defense include R-10 Paladin Missiles, Scorpion Chain Gun with its Impact Rounds ammunition, Blow Dart Rocket, Manifold Rocket, Mongoose Rocket, Tiger's Eye Missile and the Scythe Laser (this weapon is always available on your craft and will never be upgraded).

The aliens couldn't have picked a worse time to attack for the human race. The Earth is already suffering from the awful environmental tragedy it endured 16 years ago. You must destroy The Grey's to ensure the future of humanity. If you fail, no one may survive.  [134.63 Mb]

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