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Post by TheAnomaly » Sun Jul 15, 2007 12:49 am


Code: Select all

°Þ²ß                                                                        ß²Ý
 ÛÝ °                                                                      ° ÞÛ
 Û  ±      The first firefighter  simulation  game,  Fire  Department      ±  Û
 Û  ²      puts you in charge of a fire brigade at the heart  of  the      ²  Û
 Û  Û      most extreme of situations. The storyline  of  this  third      Û  Û
 Û  Û      episode of the popular Monte Cristo series will  take  you      Û  Û
 Û  Û      to the four corners of the earth. The game  was  developed      Û  Û
 Û  Û      in close collaboration with true  fire  experts,  and  the      Û  Û
 Û  Û      missions are based in most cases  on  actual  events  that      Û  Û
 Û  Û      have occurred  in  recent  years.  A  fire  in  a  nuclear      Û  Û
 Û  Û      research institute in Ukraine, a train that derails  under      Û  Û
 Û  Û      the English Channel, a  prison  fire  in  Germany,  forest      Û  Û
 Û  Û      fires, chemical catastrophes - there  is  no  shortage  of      Û  Û
 Û  Û      challenges to put  your  sense  of  observation  and  your      Û  Û
 Û  Û      ability to make strategic decisions to the test.                Û  Û
 Û  Û                                                                      Û  Û
 Û  Û      Enhanced by an optimized 3D engine,  new  types  of  risky      Û  Û
 Û  Û      situations and the know-how  of  the  developers  of  this      Û  Û
 Û  Û      popular series, Fire Department 3 offers you an  exciting,      Û  Û
 Û  ²      unforgettable game experience!                                  ²  Û
 ²  ±                                                                      ±  ²  [309.98 Mb]

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Re: Fire.Department.3.[RIP].(2006)-RFG

Post by aas82 » Wed Jun 19, 2013 4:48 pm

doodo wrote:ok using windows 8 this is the errors i get

unable to create the folder NPSWF32 The system cannot find the path specified
RipForGames.bat not founded
I get the same error as you on Win7.
The 'RipForGames.bat' is either corrupted or encrypted so can't see what it tries to do. Therefor I can't fix it.
BUT I found a full ISO that works.

Just mount ISO, run setup.exe and install game.
Then run GameSetup.exe and you can play using FD3.exe.

Fire.Department.3.iso  [1.31 Gb]

It was actually a trilogy-pack, so got all 3 games.
But "Fire Department 2" called Fire Chief can already be found here: ... 79&t=78777

If you interested I can post "Fire Department 1" called Fire Captain as well.

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Re: Fire.Department.3.[RIP].(2006)-RFG

Post by aas82 » Thu Jun 20, 2013 4:33 pm

Here's the first 2 from the trilogy.
Will make a separate trilogy thread as soon as I have time (later today I hope).
They seems to be DRM-free and need no crack.
Therefor I also don't know the release group, if any.

Fire Chief (a.k.a. Fire Department)
Fire.Chief.iso  [468.39 Mb]

Fire Captain (a.k.a. Fire Department 2)
Fire.Captain.iso  [1.20 Gb]

(note: since I'm atm the only source you'll only be able to download one of them at a time)

They work on Win7 without using compatibility settings, but if you encounter problems just use WinXP settings.

Code: Select all

1) Fire Chief (a.k.a. Fire Department)
2) Fire Captain (a.k.a. Fire Department 2)
3) Fire Department 3

Developer: Monte Cristo Multimedia

1) FC - DreamCatcher Interactive
2) FCpt - Brigades
3) FD3 - Monte Cristo Multimedia

Genre: Firefighting RTT

1) FC - 2003
2) FCpt - 2004
3) FD3 - 2006

1) FC - Fire Chief takes a new spin on the tactical strategy genre. Take command of a full team of firefighters and lead them through 34 missions of intense heat. Different situations from poisonous fumes, toxic materials to rapid fire spreads require different tactics. Work with distinct firefighters and fire specialists with different skills and support vehicles to get the job done.

2) FCpt - In the successor to Fire Chief you have the control over a fully operational Fire Department. You can choose a nationality (Germany, USA, England and France) with abilities for the force like dog handlers, emergency ambulances, firemen, engine companies and more. Several vehicles such as aerial ladders, fire engines, caterpillar bulldozers, helicopters and more are under your control. Although baring similar gameplay, compared to its predecessor it has improved AI, more detailed graphics and new features such as the reaction of toxic gas and more.

3) FD3 - The third game in the Fire Department series once again follow the life of fire fighters - this time in 13 missions in five locations: France, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Ukraine - the home country of the developers. The game uses a dynamic fire and smoke dynamics system. Fire does not follow a scripted path and is influenced by the wind or flammable substance. Smoke follows ventilation paths and suppresses oxygen levels. Players manage a fire fighter crew with different classes and 15 different vehicles, all in real-time. Each class has a specific set of abilities. Regular fire fighters break doors and save victims while putting out the fires, medics provide first aid, others are able to get through obstacles, repair machines, command dogs, specialize in toxic substances or wear special suits that withstand extreme temperatures.

1) Mount or burn game images;
2) Install the games;
3) Play the games (without the CDs).

[ Add all 2 links to your ed2k client ]

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