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Fox Interactive brings home the excitement of the first three Die Hard movies in Die Hard Trilogy for your PC. Based on the same game as the PlayStation version, this multi-genre action game has three different games in one: a third-person shooter in Die Hard, a first-person target shooter (like Time Crisis and Virtua Cop) in Die Hard 2: Die Harder, and a 3D driving game in Die Hard With A Vengeance.

Enter New York detective John McClane, a cop bent on revenge. Always in the wrong place at the wrong time... but that doesn't keep him down. Not when you're helping him thwart international terrorism by rescuing hostages, defusing bombs, eradicating evil terrorists and most importantly -- staying alive.

Your objective in the first Die Hard takes place at the Los Angeles skyscraper, Nakatomi Plaza. You start in the parking garage and must make your way up 19 more floors, including the Reception Center, Vault, Ballroom, and Maintenance, Construction, Computer and Executive levels to stifle an increasing death toll. Use the radar to track down enemies and important weapons such as a shotgun, assault rifle, M60 and MP5 Sub-Machine Guns, grenades and more. And pick up cola, hot dogs, first aid packs, medical kits and bullet proof vests to keep you from harm's way. Along the way you'll prevent terrorists from stealing millions in bonds that are held in the Nakatomi safe. And don't forget to save the hostages before more are killed, as well as defuse all the bombs; otherwise this Christmas will go out with a bang -- literally!

In Die Hard 2: Die Harder, you'll see all the action through McClane's eyes as you take out terrorists from inside Washington/Dulles Airport's hijacked terminals. And then on foot to the New Annex and countryside near a church to the runway and inside a plane's cockpit. And finally by snowmobile and helicopter, chasing down a terrorist escape plane. Use the crosshair to pinpoint enemies with heat-seeking RPG Rockets, Fragmentation Grenades and AK47 Machine Guns. Security breach is imminent as terrorists avoid, dodge and set up traps for you as you progress through the levels. Be extra careful not to hit the innocent civilians!

You're going to Die Hard With A Vengeance in New York City to protect Manhattan from a gang of terrorists who've planted stashed bombs throughout the city in an attempt to cover a multi-billion dollar heist. Staged by the wicked leader Simon, you must zip through traffic while avoiding pedestrians and other cars in order to defuse the bombs before half the city goes out in a blaze of terrorist glory. Your partner Zeus helps you navigate through Harlem, the Financial District, The Aqueduct and West Side Highway. And race through Chinatown in a high-powered sports car, on through Central Park and even through the subway system using a yellow cab.

At this stage you'll also run into rats, oncoming trains and dark tunnels, so use the 15 cars available for you to steal and dump in the process to complete your objectives. Other cars include a police car, dump truck, school bus, fork lift and a few special Italian and German vehicles, each with its own handling, speed, acceleration, braking, weight and skid capabilities. And keep up the momentum with: time clocks for extra time; Turbo, Nitro and Launch boosts that have you soaring through the air; gain extra points; and summon an ambulance with the EMS when you're stuck in traffic. A bonus screen allows you to gain extra points based on your safety margin, the number of citizens saved, how damaged your car is and the amount of time remaining.

Each adventure is controlled by mouse, keyboard or a Gamepad. For each game mode, you start off with a default police-issue 15-shot automatic that needs to be reloaded after 15 clips are used up. The game is compatible with most 3D hardware accelerators and there is an update patch available at http://www.foxinteractive.com/diehard/patch.html.

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