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In an ill-conceived attempt to create life, three storks mistakenly place three new life forms, slated to go to different worlds, on the same planet. You play as one of the three races (Pimmons, Amazons or Sajiki) and must fight for survival by utilizing resources to build important structures while advancing your civilization from wood to metal. Amazons & Aliens is primarily a single-player, real-time strategy game with the ultimate goal of eventually conquering or establishing peace with your neighbors.

Each culture has 20 missions per campaign in which you create schools to train inhabitants for new occupations, research new technologies, build plantations for harvesting gathered cocoa, and establish marketplaces for trade. All units can be automated on certain tasks, such as gathering food and mining rocks, or controlled independently for others. Food is gathered from bush-like terrain, rocks mined for stone, and trees cut for lumber to construct buildings.

Three gameplay speeds (slow to fast) allow customization of game flow. Once your civilization reaches a certain point, you can train fighters and either take over another culture by force or establish a peaceful society. The planet simply isn't big enough for three separate, yet equally dominant, species and whichever you choose will affect the welfare of the other two. In the world of Amazons & Aliens, your god-like decisions will determine who prospers, so choose wisely.

Amazons & Aliens was released in Europe under the name Alien Nations.

Code: Select all

             Üþ ßß ß²ß  Ü            Üþ  ßß  þÜ                Üþ ßß Ü
          Üß              ßþ       Ü          ° ß   Ü       Üß °     ܲÜ
        Üþ     Ü            ß ÜÜ þß ÜÜ      ß²ÛÛܲ °    ÜÜÜþ    °     ß
             þß²ß        ÜÜþ°        Û²ÛÛÛÛÜÜÛÛÛÛ²ÜÜÛÛÛÛÛ² Ü    ±ÛÛÛÛܲ °
     ßßÛÛÛ²ÜÜ    °  ÜÜÛÛ²²  ÜÛÛ²ßþ   ßÛÛÛÛÜþ ÛÛÛÛ² þÜÛÛÛ²ß Û   ܲÛÛÛÛÛ°
        ÛÛÛÛÛÛÜ°  ÜÛÛÛÛÛÛ  ܲÛÛÛ   ÜÜÜÜܲ    Û²Û²²     ÜÜÜÛÛ²ßßß ²²ÛÛÛ
  ° °±± ²ÛÛÛÛ ßÛÜ²ß ÛÛÛÛ²  ²ÛÛÛÛ° ±ÛÛÛÛÛ±ßþ  ÛÛÛÛÛ ±   ²²Û²Û° ±±±²ÛÛÛÛ° ±±±° °
 ܲÜß   °ÛÛÛÛ°  ß  °ÛÛÛÛ°  ßÛÛÛÛ²ÜÜÛÛÛÛÛ°    ÛÛÛÛÛ°    ÛÛÛÛÛ Ü   ²ÛÛÛÛ° Ü
  ß   °  ÛÛÛÛ²  °  ²ÛÛÛÛ   ÜÜÜÜþ   ÛÛÛÛÛ   þ²ÛÛÛÛÛ±    ÛÛÛÛßß   °ÛÛÛÛÛ±  ßþ
      þß²ÛÛÛÛÛ°   ²ÛÛÛÛ²  ²ÛÛÛ°   °Û²ÛÛÛÛß   ßÛÛÛÛ²  þßßß²  °   ßßÛÛÛÛ²
         ß²ÛÛÛ²Ü  °     þß²ÛÛÛ²Ü  ²ÛÛÛ²ß  °     ßßÛÜ     °Ferrex<SAC>ßßþ
        ° ß²ßþÜ       °    ±ÛÛÛ²ßßßß  °      ± °     ßÜ         Üß  Ü²Ü   þ
      þß       Ü        Ü ß    ° ßþÜ    Ü               ßþ ÜÜ þß     ß
     ß °° °° °  þÜ   Üþß°              ß²ß  PRESENTS:  °° °   °°°° ° ° °


  ° °± ß ß߲߲ßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßß² ß ß ±° °
     °                                                                 °
     °  SUPPLIER....: MYTH DK          RELEASE DATE.: 02/28/2000       °
     °  CRACKER.....: MYTH             RELEASE SIZE.: 25x2.88 MB       ° Ü
     °  PACKAGER....: MYTH             PROTECTION...: CD-check         °ß²ß
     °  FILE FORMAT.: Ace              GAME GENRE...: RTS              °ß²ß
     °                                                                 °
           ßßþÜ      ßßþÜ    Üþß     ß    ßþ              Û    Ü
         Ü²Ü   ß          ßß                ß            Ü    ß²ß
     °°° °ß °°  Û °°° ° °  °  RELEASE NOTES   °  °  °° Üþ°°°° ° °   °°° °

  Game Notes:

  Alien Nations is a "God game" with three different nations. 

  The latest graphics, easy to understand game-play, yet with enough depth 
  of play to satisfy the most experienced gamers.

  Three interplanetary storks are flying along with the seed of life, that
  they were supposed to drop on three different planets. However, a inter-
  planetary bar crossed their path. It did not take them long to decide
  to offload their cargoes on the next nearest planet and put their feet up
  with a drink.

  Three totally different nations landed on one planet. Industrious Amazons,
  peace-loving Pimmons and ravenous Sajikis have to learn to get on with
  each other, or not.

  Find more info at

  Ripped are only the movies cd-audio.

                                  þ ²þ
             Üþ ßß þÜ          þß            ßþ    Ü        Üþ ß
      °°  °Üþ °°° °  ßÜ    þ  INSTALLATION     °° ß²ß ° Ü þß °° °   Ü °°

  Unzip and unace. Start Setup.bat to decompress the sounds. Start the game 
  then with AN.exe.

                                  þ ²þ
             Üþ ßß þÜ          Üß            ßþ    Ü        Üþ ß
      ° °°°Üþ °° °  °ßÜ °° þ GROUP NEWS & APP    °°° ߲߰° Ü þß°° °  °°Ü  °

                                 Group News
   In case you have not heard, Paradigm and Origin have joined forces to
   bring you a new group called MYTH. MYTH is the top members from both
   groups, stay tuned the fun has just begun!

                           Application Information
   Membership Benefits:
   We offer membership of the finest scene group, which entails access to
   the best sites available. We have 0day/ISO/VCD/PSX/MP3/N64/PDA and
   more :) We believe if you contribute to the scene you should be able
   to reap the rewards of it ;)
   We also understand the costs involved with supplying the latest
   unreleased games. Thus we are the only, yes the only group that offers
   suppliers a money back guarantee. We always pay back! Why should you
   pay and others get it for free? Remember we are the only group who
   offer this!
   Also we provide our cracking team with the tools it needs to do the
   We also have the only specific trading team designed for the group,
   only we provide this. Thus our team is the fastest :)
   But above all of this, we are friendly. Something of a rarity these
   days in the scene. Join us now, before others get in before you!.

   Membership Requirments:
   We require USA store suppliers. If you have a fast T3 or above
   connection, live on the USA, East coast and happen
   to be near a Electronics Boutique, Babbage's, Best Buy, or other
   store that sells software, and can be available during the day or
   morning of most weekdays to supply.

   Do not worry about your skills, if you can fit the bill we shall
   show you the rest.
   Contact us now! Use the contact information below.

   We are also on the lookout for individuals connected in any way
   with the distribution process of new software, whether it be
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   duplicators, game magazine, tech support for software
   publishing houses or hell, even if you're like us,
   regular software shop junkies who pay daily visits to your
   local fast shop or what have you and want to have some good
   competitive fun.
   We always reimburse the full retail cost of any originals
   because we know that you don't get something for nothing. We're
   definately interested in what you may have to help contribute
   to the success of our team.
   Contact us now! Use the contact information below.

   We are on the lookout for an ftp site in TAIWAN, SINGAPORE, JAPAN,
   KUWAIT, HONG KONG, SAUDI ARABIA and RUSSIA to help spread our
   releases to the FAR EAST and the GULF STATES.
   Contact us now! Use the contact information below.

   We are also currently looking for several proven crackers and
   mega trainer makers to join the team. Can you do SAFEDISC/C-DILLA
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   Contact us now! Use the contact information below.

   Also we search for free hardware suppliers. If you work
   for a company/companies in the hardware industry and have access to
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   Contact us now! Use the contact information below.

   We are NOT accepting courier applications, so please don't waste
   our time and yours by telling us what a great trader you are. Unless
   you can also do something that is outlined in the application details
   above of course. Then we could of course welcome you straight away ;)

                      Our Greetings Go Out To The Following
  Deviance, Dynasty, Static PSX, Precise, Razor 1911, APC, RNS,
  Core, Corp, Radium, Laxity, UCF, BMI, Manifest, DSi and Pornolation.
  Shouts out to the Punisher of Razor 1911 ... showing there is still 
  honor among us.

                 Ü  Üþ ßß þÜ                     Ü
  °  °þÜ °°°Üþß°ß²ß ° °°°° ° ß°  CONTACT   Üþ°ß ߲߰°Üþ ßß°þÜ °°°þ°þ ° °
  ° ²ß                           ßþ ÜÜ þ            °          þ       ß²  ±
    °       IRC...: EFNET - #MYTH                               Û       °
            WWW...:                                             Ü       °
    °       EMAIL.:                                            ß
    °                                                        þß         °
    ±       WE DO NOT MAIL OR SEND MISSING DISKS !          ß   ß þÜ    ±
   ß    °                                   Üþ ßß þÜ        ßþ ÜÜ þ
             ßþ           Ü þ  [  UPDATED BY TEAM MYTH ]
      ° ° °° ±±ß± Ü²Ü ±±þß±±° Ü ±°° [ ON 02/28/2000 ]ßþ Ü Ü²Ü °þ°°±±°° ° °
                   ß           ßþ ÜÜ þß                    ß  [72.89 Mb]

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