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The special forces soldiers of Delta Force are back in Delta Force 2, the follow-up to NovaLogic's 1998 hit, Delta Force. In this special ops game, you take control of one solider in an international peacekeeping force. You get guns, you get gear, and you get orders from the United Nations to take out drug lords, terrorists, and other mean people.

In single player mode, you can take on quick missions or campaigns. Quick missions are single missions where Delta Force operatives are inserted into hostile territory and have a single objective. Campaigns are clusters of missions where Delta Force operatives must take on enemies bit by bit. Each mission in campaign mode is vital to the campaign's success, as the team may need information from one enemy camp to learn how to infiltrate the next camp.

In single player missions, players have an array of goals. Sometimes, the team must take out an enemy's communications. Other times, the team must rescue hostages, kidnap enemy leaders, or steal enemy equipment.

Delta Force 2 also offers multiplayer action. During multiplayer games, players can participate in seven modes of play: nihilistic Deathmatches, King of the Hill, Capture the Flag, Search and Destroy, Attack and Defend, and Flagball.

In Deathmatches and Team Deathmatches, the object of the game is to kill as many players as possible. In Team matches, players are placed on one of four teams and cannot shoot teammates without a penalty. Players earn and lose Deathmatch points in the following five ways: Kill opponent with knife (+3), kill opponent with head shot (+2), kill opponent (+1), kill yourself (- 1), and kill teammate (-4).

In King of the Hill and Team King of the Hill, players or teams of players win by staying in a certain zone for a period of time set by the game host. If players leave their zone, their timers begin to count backwards.

In Capture the Flag, the Red Team and the Blue Team attempt to steal each other's flags and return them to their team's Flag Bay. Also, each team must defend their flags from the other team.

In Search and Destroy, teams must enter another team's territory and destroy a list of targets. The first team to destroy all enemy targets wins.

In Attack and Defend, the rules of Search and Destroy apply, except that one team can win by simply defending their targets until a timer expires.

In Flag Ball, four teams compete for one flag in the middle of a playing field. Any time a player can grab the flag and return it to his or her team, the team scores one point. The flag is then placed back in the middle of the field.

Delta Force 2 features sharper graphics, more weapons, and more gear than its predecessor. It also requires a more powerful Windows-based PC.
Delta Force 2 also features Voice Over Net compatibility, meaning that you can send and receive realtime voice messages during multiplayer games. To utilize this feature, the player's modem must have microphone input.  [143.87 Mb]

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