Guidelines & Support (Read me first)

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Guidelines & Support (Read me first)

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Guidelines & Support

1. [goto=1]About ShareTheFiles[/goto]

2. [goto=2]How do I use the links posted on ShareTheFiles?[/goto]

3. [goto=3]Where and how do I post my own files?[/goto]

4. [goto=4]Where do I post for more help with P2P or technical issues?[/goto]

5. [goto=5]What other guides do you recommend I read?[/goto]

[list][anchor=1]1. About ShareTheFiles[/anchor][/list][/color]

ShareTheFiles is a public community that collects, verifies and indexes all formats of digital files on the eDonkey2000 (eD2k) network. The eD2k network is a public peer-to-peer (P2P) network in which millions of peers (users) share and distribute files freely amongst each other.

We manage our own online database of eD2k links, quite simply lines of text which contain a code that links to a file located on the eD2k network, much like in a way Google indexes websites.

Our vision is centered on educating and encouraging people towards P2P and file sharing. We help members with all kinds of technical problems, understanding P2P networks, downloading and using files, and even protecting their identity online. We offer our plethora of advice in the form of guides, tutorials, live chat, and support forums, all which are freely accessible throughout the site.

ShareTheFiles is run entirely by hard working volunteers from all around the world who believe in the free flow of information and freedom of speech.

Finally, please read our Site Rules very carefully before even thinking of posting on the forum.

[list][anchor=2]2. How do I use the links posted on ShareTheFiles?[/anchor][/list][/color]

In order to connect to the eD2k network you need to be connected the Internet (obviously), and you simply need an eD2k client as well. The client that ShareTheFiles recommends and supports is ‘eMule’, one of the most popular and most reliable open source P2P file sharing clients in the world.

For further clarification, the files are not hosted on any website or any server; they are instead shared on the eD2k network, virtually over the whole Internet. Clicking an eD2k link on this site will load your eD2k client, which in turn finds all online users who are sharing that file on the eD2k network, wait in a queue for each user, and then start downloading from them. This means that you are not really downloading from ShareTheFiles. You are downloading from online users on the eD2k network through your eD2k client.

There are two recommended guides that cover the basic installation and setup of eMule, start with guide 'a' then 'b'.

a. STF's Guide to Installing eMule
b. eMule's official Beginner's Guide

For MAC or Linux users, we recommend aMule.

[list][anchor=3]3. Where and how do I post my own files?[/anchor][/list][/color]

Where? It is really helpful to post in the right forum from the first time; it saves the Staff having to spend a lot of time moving topics around. It is very easy to choose the correct forum; it only requires some reading. We have 7 eD2k link sections; movies, animated, TV, games, audio, eBook & software, and politics. We have a total of about 30 forums under those sections, each with a unique forum description under the forum title.

All you need to do is first decide which section, and then use the forum title and description to help you decide which forum.

How? Finding the right section and forum is one thing, and posting in a proper structure is another. Each forum has its own clear standards and rules for both subject lines and bodies of topics, which can usually be found as an announcement topic. We have to mandate those posting requirements for more organized and easier indexing topics. Keep in mind that subject line rules are usually very strict while the body rules are more flexible.

We have a few guides to help you post links in a very professional and easy manner. Go through each step by step to learn how to post video screenshots, technical information, posters and other mandatory plus optional information, and most importantly the eD2k links themselves.

Please note that all eD2k links should be posted in plain format without HTML-tags (AICH hashsets are optional. *Update: but standard today, and expected to be included).

a. guide: Posting movies on STF
b. guide: Posting Movies/TV in the right sections
d. guide: How to post a movie link on ShareTheFiles

[list][anchor=4]4. Where do I post for more help with P2P or technical issues?[/anchor][/list][/color]

There is only one section that deals with Help & Support, and that is the ‘Help & Discussion’ section.

Use the ‘Announcements & New Member’ forum for general site inquiries.
Use the ‘P2P Support & Discussion’ forum for all P2P downloading problems and discussion.
Use the ‘Technical Support & Discussion’ forum for all computer, hardware and software problems and discussion.

Please do not use the General Discussion or any other forum for help and support issues. Make sure to read at least all announcements on Support & Discussion forums before you start a new topic. Always read announcements on all forums anyway to avoid falling in an error when posting, violating the site rules or abusing our management in some way.

Another alternative to getting help on the Help & Support forums is to use our [url=irc://]Official #STF IRC Channel[/url].

For a full guide on our Live Support, please read Connecting to the Official #STF IRC Channel FAQ.

Last but not least, please use our Advanced Search before you ask for help, as your question has probably been asked and answered many times before. It's very useful sometimes to filter your search by whole sections using the Category drop-down list, or individual forums using the forum drop-down list.

[list][anchor=5]5. What other guides do you recommend I read?[/anchor][/list][/color]

You should immediately start with the eMule Guides, as they are the main key to fast and trouble free downloads; a vital read to get the most out of the eD2k client (eMule).

Also just as important is our Online Security Guide, an ultimate collection of topics that protect you from anti-p2p organizations, spyware, viruses, and other threats- but know for a fact that you cannot achieve total anonymity in P2P.

Almost all of our guides are in the Tutorial forum. I recommend making a mental note of at least all the stickies and announcements on that forum.

P2P recommended guides:

a. guide: New to downloading? All-In-One Guide
b. guide: PATCHING TCPIP.SYS and how it affects P2P performance
c. Use eMule search efficiently and preview files before downloading them completely.

Technical recommended guides:

a. The complete guide to movies! All is explained here.
b. guide: problems with .AVI or .MKV?
d. Wantos' guide for DivX/XviD movies to DVD±R (all-in-1)


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