Physics in Your Life

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Physics in Your Life

Post by novoco » Wed Feb 07, 2007 5:19 pm

Physics in Your Life
(36 lectures, 30 minutes/lecture)
Course No. 1260

Taught by Richard Wolfson
Middlebury College
Ph.D., Dartmouth College

From Everyday Examples to Universal Principles

The beauty of this course is that it takes you from the specific to the general. "This is not a standard introductory physics course," says Professor Wolfson. "It’s not a course that's going to lay out a lot of physical principles, and then give you a few minor examples of them. Rather, it's going to focus more directly on the application of those principles in your everyday life."

For example, at the beginning of Module 1 you delve into a mystery that may have long puzzled you: How are music and images encoded in the plastic discs that are CDs and DVDs? As you discover how microscopic pits on a rotating disc are interpreted as ones or zeroes by a laser optical system, Professor Wolfson relates these processes to principles you will encounter later in the course:

* Discs rotate, as do objects from car wheels to planets.
* Discs store information, a role they have in common with magnetic tapes, credit-card strips, semiconductor electronics, phonograph records, and DNA molecules.
* Discs are read with an optical system that involves lasers and the reflection, refraction, and interference of light.
* The stream of information coming off a disc is manipulated by physics-based electronic circuitry. It is then converted into light and sound using a variety of physics principles.

"CDs and DVDs are metaphors for almost all of physics," says Professor Wolfson. Many different disciplines—from quantum physics, to optics, mechanics, and electronics—are involved in making CDs and DVDs work.

Source: The Teaching Company
Richard.Wolfson.-.Physics.In.Your.Life.-.01.Realms.Of.Physics.avi  [149.91 Mb]
Richard.Wolfson.-.Physics.In.Your.Life.-.02.The.Amazing.Disc.avi  [149.93 Mb]
Richard.Wolfson.-.Physics.In.Your.Life.-.03.The.Wonderful.Wave.avi  [149.93 Mb]
Richard.Wolfson.-.Physics.In.Your.Life.-.04.Seeing.The.Light.avi  [149.93 Mb]
Richard.Wolfson.-.Physics.In.Your.Life.-.05.Is.Seeing.Believing.avi  [149.94 Mb]
Richard.Wolfson.-.Physics.In.Your.Life.-.06.Music.To.Your.Ears.avi  [149.91 Mb]
Richard.Wolfson.-.Physics.In.Your.Life.-.07.May.The.Forces.Be.With.You.avi  [149.92 Mb]
Richard.Wolfson.-.Physics.In.Your.Life.-.08.Aristotle's.Revenge.avi  [149.91 Mb]
Richard.Wolfson.-.Physics.In.Your.Life.-.09.Going.In.Circles.avi  [149.93 Mb]
Richard.Wolfson.-.Physics.In.Your.Life.-.10.Taking.Flight.avi  [149.93 Mb]
Richard.Wolfson.-.Physics.In.Your.Life.-.11.Into.Space.avi  [149.95 Mb]
Richard.Wolfson.-.Physics.In.Your.Life.-.12.A.Conservative.Streak.avi  [149.91 Mb]
Richard.Wolfson.-.Physics.In.Your.Life.-.13.The.Electrical.Heart.Of.Matter.avi  [149.91 Mb]
Richard.Wolfson.-.Physics.In.Your.Life.-.14.Harnessing.The.Electrical.Genie.avi  [149.92 Mb]
Richard.Wolfson.-.Physics.In.Your.Life.-.15.A.Magnetic.Personality.avi  [149.92 Mb]
Richard.Wolfson.-.Physics.In.Your.Life.-.16.Making.Electricity.avi  [149.88 Mb]
Richard.Wolfson.-.Physics.In.Your.Life.-.17.Credit.Card.To.Power.Plant.avi  [149.93 Mb]
Richard.Wolfson.-.Physics.In.Your.Life.-.18.Making.Waves.avi  [149.93 Mb]
Richard.Wolfson.-.Physics.In.Your.Life.-.19.The.Miracle.Element.avi  [149.94 Mb]
Richard.Wolfson.-.Physics.In.Your.Life.-.20.The.20Th.Century's.Greatest.Invention.avi  [149.93 Mb]
Richard.Wolfson.-.Physics.In.Your.Life.-.21.Building.The.Electronics.Revolution.avi  [149.92 Mb]
Richard.Wolfson.-.Physics.In.Your.Life.-.22.Circuts.So.Logical.avi  [149.94 Mb]
Richard.Wolfson.-.Physics.In.Your.Life.-.23.How's.Your.Memory.avi  [149.94 Mb]
Richard.Wolfson.-.Physics.In.Your.Life.-.24.Atom.To.Computer.avi  [149.91 Mb]
Richard.Wolfson.-.Physics.In.Your.Life.-.25.Keeping.Warm.avi  [149.93 Mb]
Richard.Wolfson.-.Physics.In.Your.Life.-.26.Life.In.The.Greenhouse.avi  [149.93 Mb]
Richard.Wolfson.-.Physics.In.Your.Life.-.27.The.Tip.Of.The.Iceberg.avi  [149.93 Mb]
Richard.Wolfson.-.Physics.In.Your.Life.-.28.Physics.In.The.Kitchen.avi  [149.92 Mb]
Richard.Wolfson.-.Physics.In.Your.Life.-.29.Like.A.Work.Of.Shakespeare.avi  [149.93 Mb]
Richard.Wolfson.-.Physics.In.Your.Life.-.30.Energy.In.Your.Life.avi  [149.94 Mb]
Richard.Wolfson.-.Physics.In.Your.Life.-.31.Your.Place.On.Earth.avi  [149.95 Mb]
Richard.Wolfson.-.Physics.In.Your.Life.-.32.Dance.And.Spin.avi  [149.93 Mb]
Richard.Wolfson.-.Physics.In.Your.Life.-.33.The.Light.Fantastic.avi  [149.94 Mb]
Richard.Wolfson.-.Physics.In.Your.Life.-.34.Nuclear.Matters.avi  [149.94 Mb]
Richard.Wolfson.-.Physics.In.Your.Life.-.35.Physics.In.Your.Body.avi  [149.94 Mb]
Richard.Wolfson.-.Physics.In.Your.Life.-.36.Your.Place.In.The.Universe.avi  [149.93 Mb]

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Post by markEg » Thu Feb 08, 2007 5:10 am

Great stuff - thanks for these links NC

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