Martin Scorsese Presents: The Blues - S1

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Martin Scorsese Presents: The Blues - S1

Post by Rhadamanthys » Thu Oct 26, 2006 5:52 pm

Martin Scorsese Presents: The Blues

Under the guiding vision of Executive Producer Martin Scorsese, seven directors will explore the blues through their own personal styles and perspectives. The films in the series are motivated by a central theme: how the blues evolved from parochial folk tunes to a universal language.

Season 1
Martin.Scorsese.Presents.The.Blues.S01E01.Feel.Like.Going.Home-Martin.Scorsese.avi  [701.05 Mb]
Martin.Scorsese.Presents.The.Blues.S01E02.The.Soul.Of.A.Man-Wim.Wenders.avi  [701.30 Mb]
Martin.Scorsese.Presents.The.Blues.S01E03.The.Road.To.Memphis-Richard.Pearce.&.Robert.Kenner.avi  [701.02 Mb]
Martin.Scorsese.Presents.The.Blues.S01E04.Warming.By.The.Devil's.Fire-Charles.Burnett.avi  [701.18 Mb]
Martin.Scorsese.Presents.The.Blues.S01E05.Godfathers.And.Sons-Marc.Levin.avi  [701.21 Mb]
Martin.Scorsese.Presents.The.Blues.S01E06.Red.White.And.Blues-Mike.Figgis.avi  [701.02 Mb]
Martin.Scorsese.Presents.The.Blues.S01E07.Piano.Blues-Clint.Eastwood.avi  [700.83 Mb]

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