Connecting to the Official #STF IRC Channel

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Connecting to the Official #STF IRC Channel

Post by ARCH » Sun Jul 09, 2006 11:20 pm

What is IRC and why should I be interested?

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. It is basically a system that allows many people to chat from around the world. ShareTheFiles has a community on IRC, with staff and non-staff members continuously online to provide one to one live support, regarding Peer2Peer or any other technical issues.

It’s a friendly and secure place to chat live with the ShareTheFiles IRC community, whether it's for help, being around the file-sharing scene or just for a chat, you’re most welcomed to join.

What is an IRC network?

An IRC network is basically a number of connected servers that are run by the IRC protocol. There are many IRC networks around the globe, but they are not connected to each other. Each IRC network runs on its own servers, and they provide their own services and various other things.

IRC networks also have their own channels, similar to chat rooms on the web. When you connect to an IRC network, you can either join an existing channel or create your own. You can be connected to more than one IRC network or channel at the same time.

#STF is the official IRC channel of ShareTheFiles, and it was founded on an IRC network called P2P-NET. A channel on any IRC network is always prefixed with the hash '#' character.

How to connect to an IRC network & #STF?

Our newest implementation of the Jpilot Applet, integrated on the forum itself, enables you to directly connect to our #STF channel without installing any programs or reading any guides. :: 1st Option ::

Alternatively, you can connect to an IRC network using an IRC client, and there are quite a few available, depending on your operating system and your preferred method. One of the most popular IRC Windows clients is mIRC, which also has modified versions called add-on scripts. One of the most popular mIRC add-on scripts is NNScript, designed to make chatting easier and more comfortable. There are many other add-on scripts with many different purposes, most of them having file server and protection features. :: 2nd & 3rd Option ::

You may also connect using something like ChatZilla, a Firefox browser extension, or directly using Internet Explorer’s Java client. These are probably the most basic ways of connecting to an IRC network, but you lose a lot of features compared to the much more popular mIRC. :: 4th & 5th Option ::

The last and also most basic method is connecting via eMule, something that all of us already have installed and running. :: 6th Option ::

:: 1st Option ::

(The JPilot Java Applet is no longer available as an option.)

:: 2nd Option ::

Read our simple and straight forward guide, for the most recommended way to join #STF >>> guide: MIRC/NONAMESCRIPT.

:: 3rd Option ::

If you already have an IRC client installed, visit us [url=irc://]directly using this link[/url].

:: 4th Option ::

To connect with Firefox (Chatzilla addon), you can download their extension from their official website, or directly from here. Install the extension, restart Firefox and press Tools then ChatZilla. In the bottom bar, type /attach to connect to the P2P-NET network. Then type /join #STF to connect to the #STF channel on P2P-NET. Right click both tabs and choose Open This Network/Channel on startup. Next time you won't need to type anything, you'll auto connect as soon as you load ChatZilla.

:: 5th Option ::

CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE ~ Mr. Fido: To connect with Internet Explorer, visit the P2P-NET Chat page. Under CGI:IRC, replace #P2P-NET with #STF in the channel field, type a nickname in the nick field, and press Login to connect. That is quite possibly the quickest way to enter #STF, but you lose out many features and the interface is very clumsy compared to mIRC or even ChatZilla.

:: 6th Option ::

To connect using eMule, you will first need to configure the eMule IRC options. Click on the Options button on the top toolbar, then select the IRC tab, and input the following details:

Perform (enable/tick the perform string): /join #STF

Click OK, then click the IRC button on the top toolbar, and finally the Connect button in the left bottom corner. This should work everytime regardless of the IRC server to which you are connected, or even if you are connected at all.
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Post by ARCH » Sat Aug 05, 2006 7:01 pm

#STF IRC Channel Staff

Managers: TheAnomaly, {ZiN}
Admins: Culverin, MrFido,
Operators: Stoepsel, EclipseGSX, Crashst3r, Arif
Half Ops WhenImDone, kltpzyxm, novoco, k2eaS,

-Updated on September 17, 2007

#STF IRC Channel Rules

Please ensure that you familiarise yourself with the following rules before using the channel.

Note: #STF is the official chat channel of the ShareTheFiles forum and is recognized by the forum as such. The rules below however, apply only to this IRC channel and whilst they are reflective of the forum, the nature of IRC necessitates a set of guidelines that are appropriate for the medium, and are exclusive only to IRC and not the forum. The forum rules and guidelines can be found here.

1. Profanity is to be avoided as some of the channel members could be minors. If you really must resort to an expression of this kind, at least try and cover up your lack of vocabulary by disguising the profanity [ie. Shiznit]. Swearing is permitted when appropriate, but try to use your best judgment. Expect to be kicked or even banned if you go too far.

2. Please be kind to fellow channel members! Also be kind to our operating and moderating staff. They are here to help you and if you are unkind or rude to them you may be kicked and banned from the channel.

3. Advertising and Fservs are strictly prohibited in #STF. #STF is officially recognized by the forum and consequently does not condone breach of law. If you wish to share files, please do so in other IRC channels.

4. Religious and Political discussions are permitted, but please keep it civil and mature. No flaming or flame wars allowed in channel. If you wish to take issue with someone, please do it in a Private Message. If you wish to express views which are likely to upset others, please do not do so in #STF.

5. Pornography is not permitted. If you display triggers or listings relating to pRoN you will be banned. This is a "No Tolerance" rule!

6. The Channel Admins have the final say in ANY matter. They have been given their positions because of their knowledge, or talents with IRC and computing, or knowledge of filesharing or the amount of help they provide. They are the controlling influence in channel. If you have an issue with a Channel Admin, you may feel free to take it up with our Channel Managers.

7. Wilful distribution of virii/Trojans and similar, will be deemed as anti-social behaviour and you WILL be permanently banned. There is no excuse for spreading virii. Any member found to have utilized Hacker technology and/or software, [scanners etc] and/or to have gained access to another member’s PC for any reason other than in a manner permitted by that member, will be subject to an immediate and permanent ban from the channel.

8. Do NOT SPAM the channels! If you have something to ask, ONLY ASK IT ONCE IN CHANNEL! Please do not continue to post the same question or information! Repetition of more than a line or two of text in a sensible period of time constitutes SPAM and will get you kicked. Repeated spamming over a period of time will get you banned from the channel.

9. Do not use other users nicks to pretend to be other members. Hijacking nicks even for a joke is not funny. Users are advised to register and activate NickKill in order that their nicks cannot be compromised. Those found to be doing so will be initially warned then banned for any subsequent infraction.

10. Bots Policy: Unapproved Bots are not permitted in #STF - if you would like to run a bot in channel, please check with Channel Managers or Admins first.
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