PBS: Vietnam A Television History

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PBS: Vietnam A Television History

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PBS: Vietnam A Television History


A six-year project from conception to completion, Vietnam: A Television History carefully analyzes the costs and consequences of a controversial but intriguing war. From the first hour through the last, the series provides a detailed visual and oral account of the war that changed a generation and continues to color American thinking on many military and foreign policy issues.

A seminal television event when it premiered as a 13-part series on PBS in 1983, Vietnam: A Television History was edited to 11 hours and rebroadcast in 1997. The series won television's top awards, including seven Emmys, the George Foster Peabody Award, the duPont/Columbia Journalism Award, the George Polk Award, two Writer's Guild Awards, and the Erik Barnouw Award of the Organization of American Historians.

Technical Specs

Video Codec: XviD
Video Bitrate: ~1480-1580
Video Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Audio Codec: AC3
Audio BitRate: 224 kb/s (112/ch, stereo) CBR
RunTime Per Part: 55 Min
Number Of Parts: 11
Part Size: 700 MB
Ripped by DeadFish

Vietnam.A.Television.History.1of11.XviD-AC3.avi  [700.28 Mb]
Vietnam.A.Television.History.2of11.XviD-AC3.avi  [700.26 Mb]
Vietnam.A.Television.History.3of11.XviD-AC3.avi  [700.27 Mb]
Vietnam.A.Television.History.4of11.XviD-AC3.avi  [700.27 Mb]
Vietnam.A.Television.History.5of11.XviD-AC3.avi  [700.27 Mb]
Vietnam.A.Television.History.6of11.XviD-AC3.avi  [700.27 Mb]
Vietnam.A.Television.History.7of11.XviD-AC3.avi  [700.26 Mb]
Vietnam.A.Television.History.8of11.XviD-AC3.avi  [700.26 Mb]
Vietnam.A.Television.History.9of11.XviD-AC3.avi  [700.27 Mb]
Vietnam.A.Television.History.10of11.XviD-AC3.avi  [700.26 Mb]
Vietnam.A.Television.History.11of11.XviD-AC3.avi  [700.26 Mb]

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