.001/.r00 Files

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.001/.r00 Files

Post by lgtmny »


I have seen so many people asking what do I do with these 0.001 files, so I thought it would save people alot of time if I made a guide for it.

First off you need to get WinRar, you can get WinRar by clicking this link.

Once downloaded WinRar will not recognise .001 files so they will still have this icon (below) next to them.


Double click the file and you this box should pop-up.


Select the "Select the program from a list" radio button then slick Ok.

Now your screen should look like this:


Select WinRar from the list by clicking it once, leaving everything else the same and then click Ok. WinRar should open automatically. Choose a destination folder for the file to be extracted to, this is where all the other (.002, 0.003 etc) files will be extracted to automatically. Once this is done your game, movie, software etc should be sitting there waiting for you in the folder you selected. Now all of your .001 files should be recognised and have this icon (below) next to them.


I hope this has taught you how to deal with those pesky .001 files.

Have Fun And Happy Downloading.

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Post by stevenrollastercoon »

Just something to add you need to have all the files for it too work. For example flt-wor1.001 goes all the way to flt-wor1.020. If your missing flt-wor1.002 it won't work you need to have all the files. You can normally do a search for flt-wor1.002 on emule and you should find it there (if it's a newer file). WinRAR will tell you it's missing simply tell it where you have 002 or you can just move 002 to the folder where you have 001-020 :wink:

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