Problems with .AVI or .MKV??

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Problems with .AVI or .MKV??

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Simple guide to common .avi problems

Before you begin troubleshooting, some steps you should take:

1. Do you have a codec pack installed? As a general rule, codec packs are bad as they may contain codecs which conflict with each other on your system^. If you are having problems viewing .avi files, uninstall any codec packs completely and install individual codecs as you need them.

2. Download GSpot - it's a free utility which will give you various information on a selected media file, including what codecs you need and if you have them installed.

3. Download VLC Media Player - it's also free and will play most media files. VLC uses it's own internal codecs for playing media so you need not install nything else. If your file plays fine in VLC but not in another player, then you probably have codec issues. You can either use VLC as your default media player, instantly resolving your codec issues, or if you like your current media player, install individual codecs.

4. If you would like to continue with installing individual codecs, in most cases you only need the following 3:

>ffdshow video and audio decoder for .avi files including DivX and XviD - also supports x264, during installation: Decode the following video formats with ffdshow: H.264 enables x264 playback

>AC3Filter for .avi with AC3 audio tracks

>matroska splitter used to split .mp4 and .mkv files

^some people have had luck with CCCP Codec Pack which you may want to try *thanks Mr Fido

Error: Cannot delete Folder: It is being used by another person or program.

This is a common annoying error you may see from time to time. The fix is easy!! Download Unlocker (free of course).

Still have problems? Read Monty's guide to common XviD problems

Subtitle questions? Read SpaZaA's Subtitle Solutions

Please feel free to post any problems or questions you have :)
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