'.TV Posting Rules.'

TV Series currently airing or planned to return for another season.
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'.TV Posting Rules.'

Post by n7of9 » Sat Nov 12, 2005 3:35 pm

'.Posting links in the TV section.'

As you can imagine, with all the shows we list and with weekly links being added, sometimes things get a little messy, so following these simple rules helps us all. If you have any questions or think something should be added, please let us know.
1. Post ed2k links in plain text only - that means no [url] or <..> tags of any kind. We have mods in place that will automatically add: (a) the filesize to each link; (b) a 'check sources' link for the file; and (c) a sharethefiles.com tag to the link.

2. Standardised Filenames. We require all filenames to follow the same standard, like so:


If the links you provide are not already in this format it is your responsibility to add the required information before you post the link. For episode titles please visit http://www.tv.com/ - http://www.tvrage.com/ - http://www.tvmaze.com/ or just follow the series link in the main post of each thread. If any other information is already included in the filename, please delete it. Please note only add the audio codec if it is not MP3 (for avi) or AAC (for mp4), or if the scene released it with audio tag included, otherwise it is not necessary (please provide technical specs if you are unsure).

This is correct:

This is NOT correct:
ghost whisperer - 1x19 - [&&%%]

Please use correct codec and release group names:
XviD not XviD, XviD, XviD or XviD
x264 not x264
FoV not FOV, LOL not lol, XOR not xor
DVDRip not DVDRip or DVDRip or DVDRip
WEBRip not webrip or WebRip or WEBRiP

Acceptable characters in a filename include (NO spaces or double dots - single dots ONLY):


For consistency, we always start all words in shownames and episodetitles with caps.

In episodes with two or more titles, they are separated by ".-." as in "Blah.-.Halb".

3. Links are to be SOURCED and VERIFIED. Post links only when you are actively sharing the full file. Verifying does not necessarily involve watching the file from beginning to end, but at least check the beginning, middle and end of the file to make sure it is the correct episode. Do everything you can to never post an unverified link.
Posting fakes or unshared links will result in warnings and ultimately a ban.

Note: it seems it is necessary to point out the obvious: don't post more (or larger) files than your bandwidth can support.
Being a full source isn't enough, if users are unable to download from you, or has to queue for weeks for a brand new episode. Don't bite off more than you can chew! Repeatedly doing so may result in warnings and ultimately a ban.

4. We now require all links to include AICH.
AICH is the last part of a verified and complete link (AICH = Advanced Intelligent Corruption Handling).
It prevents a single bad byte (due to bad clients or bad memory) from leading to corruption of a whole 9.28 MB chunk, and allows recovery of the correct blocks.

5. Every series thread follows the same layout. Have a look at other posts and follow the same layout if you can. If you don't, a staff member will simply change the layout for you (or trash the topic).


7. Don't steal bandwidth. If linking an image, use an image hosting site like imageshack, photobucket, postimage or similar. Hotlinking to another site is bad form and every time someone views the post we are essentially stealing that other site's bandwidth.

8. Don't add new links to an already existing post, ALWAYS post new links in new posts.
Don't quote (=duplicate) links. Don't copy (=duplicate) other users' links (or your own, for that matter).
None of this will in any way help "keeping the topic clean". There are reasons moderators moderates, and not users.
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Post by n7of9 » Tue Feb 13, 2007 1:04 pm

Rule 3 updated

read it, live by it, die by it...

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IMPORTANT: Regarding dupe files and reencodes

Post by entei » Sat May 19, 2012 1:11 pm

As most of you may know at the end of February major scene groups started switching to a new container and codec for SD TV (DSR/PDTV/HDTV) releases. x264 in combination with mp4 slowly, but surely became the new standard. The situation as of now (May 2012) is that 99% of all new TV SD releases use the new standard. The few major groups that refused to switch at first have now changed their mind, and they will no longer release duplicates for any show.

All this brings us to the point of this thread. We have been more tolerant and patient than a lot of other places in regards to allowing duplicate releases. But as outlined, XviD is now pretty much completely dead, so we must adjust too. With scene groups ceasing to do XviD releases this forum has been flooded by P2P/anonymous/etc releases, which in reality are reencodes of x264 (mp4/mkv) scene releases. These files of questionable and uncontrolled by anyone quality. Reencoding an already encoded release can never produce anything of decent quality.

STF's policy has always been to replace indie (p2p) rips with scene rips when available, because scene releases have standards that groups follow, which are controlled and checked by multiple people. Still we've made an exception, so people have enough times to adjust to the new reality. It's been 3 months since mp4 debuted now. It's been enough. The mess must come to an end.

As of today we will no longer accept any p2p reencodes (as long as a scene rip of same source is available). Any such links posted will be deleted.
Also as seasons come to an end, existing threads will be cleaned from such releases.

Advantages of x264 have been mentioned before in multiple threads, but to round it up in most of the cases x264 and mp4 allows smaller size and higher quality. There are many standalone players/streamers such as TviX, Popcorn Hour, WDTV HD Media Player, Boxee, Xtreamer, PS3, XBOX 360, iPad, and HDTVs that plays MP4. And media players that plays a lot of different formats are dead cheap these days, you should be able to pick one up for $20 or so. But if you still need XviD for whatever reason - there are many simple tools available for you to reeencode x264 to XviD.

Think about the network too, splitting sources for no good reason has never been good for it.

Not sure if a file is a scene release? For an example list of public predatabases check:
(Scroll down to "List of public predb websites")

For more information, and questions and answers, please use this topic:
http://sharethefiles.com/forum/viewtopi ... 8&t=213567

Cheers for understanding and your support,

~ entei and momijigari

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Re: '.TV Posting Rules.'

Post by momijigari » Fri Apr 01, 2016 2:58 pm

For information about a series, please utilize any of the (up to) six links to information, conveniently located in the first post of every TV-topic.
The links leads directly to pages with information about a show on the official site, TVmaze, TVRage, TV.com, IMDb, and Wikipedia.
Meaning you don't even have to search yourself, it has already been done for you.

Similar links are added to all TV-series topics, to provide users with one-click-ways to find the answer to frequently asked questions.
The intention by doing so is (and has always been) so that there won't be a need for anyone to ask for, or quote information so conveniently located only a click away.

So to reiterate: do not not ask or post airdate/renewed/cancelled comments when the information is available one-click-away.
Doing so repeatedly will lead to a board warning.

The absolute best way to report an issue with a file that hasn't been nuked, is to actually report it: ie using the report-button, and the sooner the better. Also, the more information the better: let us know specifically what the issue is, and when it occurs.
Confirmation from other users helps, so we know it's not just one person having the issue due to something in their setup, or due to an incomplete download, etc. Because sometimes files that should have been nuked are missed, especially with less popular shows, simply because no one is alerted of the issue.

And if you think an episode, or a certain format, has been overlooked by mistake, and want to request it, then please first do this:
1) Check the links to information mentioned above, to make 100% sure it actually aired as planned.
2) Check a public predb to make sure a release (=recording/webrip/retail) exists.

For an example list of public predatabases check:
(Scroll down to "List of public predb websites")


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