How We Got Here - S1 *AiRiNG*

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How We Got Here - S1 *AiRiNG*

Post by memor » Sat Jul 18, 2015 3:53 pm

How We Got Here


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AHC wrote:"How We Got Here" is the story of iconic Americans whose entrepreneurial genius radically changed their worlds and ours, creating new ideas and industries that transformed our nation in ways so profound, we often take them for granted today.
Today their names are legendary, yet their paths to destiny all hinged on critical moments of fate – a split second of inspiration, discovery or danger when success or failure, even life or death, hung in the balance. Each episode will dramatize that moment, exploring both how the future unfolded as a result of that precise moment in time, but also how fundamentally different our world would have been had things happened differently. As we trace the exponential impact of these moments in each episode, we will be adding another gripping chapter in the truly American story of HOW WE GOT HERE.

Season 1 (DSR)
How.We.Got.Here.S01E01.Nazis.Get.Us.To.The.Moon.DSR.x264-W4F.mp4  [153.20 Mb]
How.We.Got.Here.S01E02.Cars.Win.World.War.II.DSR.x264-W4F.mp4  [170.40 Mb]
How.We.Got.Here.S01E03.Gold.Makes.Headlines.DSR.x264-W4F.mp4  [177.97 Mb]
How.We.Got.Here.S01E04.Colt.Makes.All.Men.Equal.DSR.x264-W4F.mp4  [168.49 Mb]
How.We.Got.Here.S01E05.Denim.Defeats.Communism.DSR.x264-W4F.mp4  [156.17 Mb]
How.We.Got.Here.S01E06.Morse.Code.Connects.Us.All.DSR.x264-W4F.mp4  [136.94 Mb]
How.We.Got.Here.S01E07.Clara.Barton.Saves.The.World.DSR.x264-W4F.mp4  [154.97 Mb]
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