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1999 - Dead Before Dying

Three men who have nothing in common are found murdered in Cape Town, and the string of vicious killings pushes the city toward panic. Captain Mat Joubert is left scrambling for answers in a case that might be his last chance to prove that his life's slow spiral will not pull him under.
Deon Meyer - 1996 - Dead Before Dying (Unabridged).rar  [129.31 Mb]
Read by: Simon Vance

2000 - Dead at Daybreak

An antiques dealer is burned with a blow torch, then killed, execution-style - a single shot to the back of the head with an M16. The contents of the safe are missing and the only clues are a scrap of blank paper and the unusual weapon used, the choice of mercenaries, not burglars. Now ex-cop Zatopek 'Zed' van Heerden has fourteen days in which to fill in the blanks in this dead man's past - a past which only seems to begin in 1983...Set against the backdrop of a society on the verge of breakdown, "Dead at Daybreak" spins the reader from the lush suburbs of Capetown, to a gripping climax in the searing heat of the Veldt.
Deon Meyer - 2000 - Dead at Daybreak (Unabridged).zip  [169.27 Mb]

2003 - Heart of the Hunter

When Johnny K is kidnapped and held to ransom, his daughter turns to the only man she knows can help her - his old friend - Tiny. The kidnappers want a disk from her safe that contains extremely sensitive data, and she has seventy-two hours in which to deliver, or her father will die. But there are those watching Tiny's every move, monitoring, waiting for him trip up and lead them to what they want. Two warring factions with innocents caught in the middle It is only a matter of time...
Deon Meyer - 2003 - Heart of the Hunter (Unabridged).rar  [161.38 Mb]

2004 - Devil's Peak

Soldiers never find it easy returning from war. So it is with Thobela Mpayipheli, former freedom fighter, trying to settle back into the new South Africa. But at least he has his boy, an adored companion who is a link to a happier past. Then the boy is taken from Thobela, one of a staggering number of children murdered or abused in South Africa, and Thobela knows only despair...and a cold desire for revenge. Thus is born the vigilante killer known as 'Artemis'. The police respond by putting on the case a man who can't afford to fail. Benny Griessel is on the brink of losing everything -- his job, his family, his self-respect -- and this could be his last chance to drag his life back out of the gutter. And then Benny meets Christine, a young mother working as a prostitute in Cape Town. And something happens that is so frightening, the world can never be the same again, for Benny, for Christine, or for Thobela.
Deon Meyer - 2004 - Devil's Peak (Unabridged).zip  [186.71 Mb]

2007 - Blood Safari

Lemmer is a freelance bodyguard for Body Armor, a personal security company in South Africa. Lean, angry, violent, he is way down on the price list where the bargains are to be found.

Emma le Roux wants to find her missing brother, who supposedly died twenty years ago, but whom she is convinced she's seen on the news as a suspect in the recent killing of a witch doctor and four poachers. She hires Lemmer to watch her back when she goes looking for answers.

As le Roux and Lemmer look for clues in the Lowveld, it becomes clear someone wants to keep them in the dark. Someone who will go to any lengths to stop them asking questions. When they are attacked and almost killed, Lemmer decides to go after whoever is hunting them – against all odds.
Deon Meyer - 2007 - Blood Safari (Unabridged).zip  [167.74 Mb]

2009 - Thirteen Hours

In Thirteen Hours, morning dawns in Cape Town, and for homicide detective Benny Griessel it promises to be a very trying day. A teenage girl’s body has been found on the street, her throat cut. She was an American—a PR nightmare in the #1 tourist destination in South Africa. And she wasn’t alone. Somewhere in Cape Town her friend, Rachel Anderson, an innocent American, is hopefully still alive.

On the run from the first page of Thirteen Hours, Rachel is terrified, unsure where to turn in the unknown city. Detective Griessel races against the clock, trying to bring her home safe and solve the murder of her friend in a single day. Meanwhile, he gets pulled into a second case, the murder of a South African music executive. Griessel’s been sober for nearly six months—156 days. But day 157 is going to be tough.
Deon Meyer - 2009 - Thirteen Hours (Unabridged).rar  [178.52 Mb]

2010 - Trackers

Lemmer’s first rule is: “Don’t get involved.” A highly skilled bodyguard with a violent, criminal past, he has settled into a quiet life in Loxton, South Africa, where the rural tranquility has helped to calm his explosive temper. But when a wealthy farmer asks for his help in smuggling a pair of rare black rhinos out of Zimbabwe (where they are murdered for their horns), he has a hard time saying no. Before he knows it, Lemmer is on a small airplane, zipping across the border, an airsickness bag in his hand and a military-grade shotgun at his feet. Soon, he will regret the trip very much.
Deon Meyer - 2010 - Trackers (Unabridged).rar  [238.16 Mb]

2012 - 7 Days

A police officer is shot dead. The next day, one of his colleagues is as well. Then the South African police receive an email threatening an additional cop killed each day until a cold case is solved. Inspector Benny Griessel is charged with reopening the file on the murder of Hanneke Sloet, an ambitious lawyer stabbed to death in her luxury apartment. There’s no apparent motive and no leads, just a set of nude photographs and a burly ex-boyfriend a rock-solid alibi. Then more policemen are shot and the pressure mounts. Can Bennie solve the case and stay sober?
Deon Meyer - 2012 - Seven Days (Unabridged).rar  [167.82 Mb]

2014 - Cobra

Why would a mathematics professor from Cambridge University, renting a holiday home outside Cape Town, require a false identity and three bodyguards? And where is he, now that they are dead? The only clue to the bodyguards' murder is the snake engraved on the shell casings of the bullets that killed them.
Investigating the massacre, Benny Griessel and his team find themselves being drawn into an international conspiracy with shocking implications. It seems it is not just the terrorists and criminals of Britain and South Africa who may fear the Professor's work, but the politicians too.
As the body count begins to spiral viciously, Benny must put his new-found love life aside and focus on finding the one person who could give him a break in the case: a teenage pickpocket on the run in the city. But Benny is not the only person hunting for Tyrone Kleinbooi...
Relentlessly suspenseful, topical, hard-hitting and richly rewarding, Cobra is a superb novel from an author who is acclaimed around the world as a brilliant voice in crime fiction.
Deon Meyer - 2014 - Cobra (Unabridged).rar  [152.78 Mb]

2015 - Icarus

Christmas. A time of peace, joy, and love.
But not in the Cape of Storms. On 17 December, a freak flood uncovers the body of Ernst Richter in the dunes near Parklands — the Ernst Richter, notorious Internet entrepreneur, owner of the controversial Ernst Richter, who disappeared so mysteriously a month ago.
Nobody wants the case. Not the SAPS in Table View or Stellenbosch, becuase they know trouble when they see it, thank you very much. Media trouble. Manpower trouble. Cold, unsolvable case trouble. And pressure from the top brass, infighting, departmental politics ...
Even under normal circumstances, Benny Griessel and Vaughn Cupido would have had their work cut out for them. Because at everybody are lying through their teeth. And the list of people who would have loved to strangle Ernst Richter with their bare hands, is growing every day.
But circumstances are not normal: Benny has fallen off the wagon, and Cupido is in love. With one of the major suspects.
And on 24 Decemeber, a young wine farmer starts confessing to an advocate in Cape Town, turning the whole case on its head.
Christmas will never be the same again.
Deon Meyer - 2015 - Icarus (Unabridged).rar  [200.34 Mb]

All Books 32kbps MP3 Unabridged. Read by Saul Reichlin, except the first one.

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