Brainetics - A Breaktrough Math & Memory System

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Brainetics - A Breaktrough Math & Memory System

Post by bushymait » Sun Jan 23, 2011 8:54 pm


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Brainetics wrote:What is Brainetics?
Brainetics is a revolutionary system that uses mathematics to teach you how to use two parts of your brain at the same time; one part processes information while the other part stores information.
This new power allows your mind to work better and faster at ALL subjects - math, history, science, languages - bringing your entire thinking process to a new, higher level.

Brainetics Benefits
Brainetics super power learning methods are best suited for people with basic multiplication skills. Mike Byster created Brainetics to help everyone. Here are the key benefits:

For Adults
Many people enter the business world lacking the skills needed to reach their maximum potential. Brainetics has become so popular with adults (over 35% of the people using Brainetics are adults, it is becoming a staple in corporate board rooms) because we not only teach the skills necessary to succeed but it is done in such a fun way that it does not seem like you are going back to school. Brainetics teaches how to memorize names and faces, just about anything. It also works on organizational skills and problem solving. Most of all, I have met so many adults who have had tremendous math anxiety their entire life. Brainetics will help cure all that, and you will be doing things that you never thought possible in a very short amount of time. Do Brainetics alone, or with your spouse and kids, you will have a blast.

For Kids
Brainetics is important for kids, from those with special needs to the highly gifted. The program teaches them the skills that are so important to the learning process, yet virtually ignored by the current education system. We teach kids how to focus, follow directions, problem solve, gain better organizational skills and improve memory. Also, we teach kids how to think outside the box. Usually there is just one teacher in a classroom teaching the best way he or she knows how, and twenty-five different brains that think in twenty-five different ways and we want kids to think in a way that works best for them. Most importantly, we want to make learning fun. If you think something is fun, you have a much greater chance at excelling in it then if you dislike it.

For Families

We wanted to make Brainetics fun for the entire family to do together. The skills you learn last a lifetime and the bonding experience is wonderful. Parents need to realize how important they are to the learning process. Teachers change from year to year, parents remain the same. You get your information from school but you get your learning strategies from home. Everything in Brainetics is new for both parents and kids alike. Use Brainetics fifteen or twenty minutes a night, and you will be amazed at what you and your kids will be able to do.

For Seniors
You have heard the old adage: Use it or lose it. One of the main worries of many seniors that are writing me, is that they are seeing their mind and memory skills decrease and do not know what to do. Brainetics is an incredible mental work out. It teaches you how to use two different areas of your brain simultaneously yet independently of each other. While one area is remembering information, another area is processing and sorting new information. After a while this becomes second nature and your mind becomes so sharp. Also, because we made Brainetics for all ages, it is a wonderful program for grandparents to do with their grandchildren.

For Learners with Special Needs
We have had wonderful results with people who have ADD, ADHD, autism, and other special needs. A main reason for that is so much of Brainetics is focus and concentration, an area where special needs learners tend to have difficulty with. Everything is done in a really fun way. If you are a parent of a special needs child, we strongly recommend you do the program with your child and take your time. Do not do more than one lesson in a day (there are three or four lessons in each DVD). After each step in a lesson, stop the DVD and make sure your child "gets it" before moving on to the next step. When they have mastered a lesson, let them show their friends and other family members the cool thing they have just learned, their self esteem will skyrocket.

5 Fun & Educational DVDs
DVD 1 - Warm Up Time: Brainetics Number Fun
DVD 2 - Stretch Your Mind: Brainetics Math Tricks
DVD 3 - Cranium Crunching: Brainetics Math Shortcuts
DVD 4 - Go the Distance: Brainetics Mental Math
DVD 5 - Peak Performance: Brainetics Word Challenge
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Re: Brainetics - A Breaktrough Math & Memory System

Post by dannalboon » Sun Jan 23, 2011 9:33 pm

My memory needs all the help I can get!
Cheers bushy :v :D

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