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Release: 23rd December 2010
Genre: Casual, Family Games

Click, turn and match four!
Clickr, the next generation of puzzle-action!

Throughout the whole journey, compete against friends and foes in head-to-head match-ups and become the king of Clickr in the Earth!
Key features:

Four main game modes: Puzzle, Battle, Push, and IQ modes

Multiple sub-modes and missions for various playing preferences

* Three sub-modes at Puzzle Mode: Point Challenge, Combo Challenge and Stage Challenge with 50 stages
* 16 missions and self-challenge mode at Battle and Push Modes
* 200 smart puzzles at IQ Mode

Multi-play also available: Head-to-head match-ups in Battle and Push Modes

Three different themes: Each of Basic, Africa and Zombie theme provides different characters, effects, skins and sounds!

More than 70 Steam Achievements to unlock

Code: Select all

Install Note:
- Unrar
- Run Setup.bat
- Run game with Clickr.exe

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