Angélique.marquise.des.anges.(1964).DVD9.PAL [FR]

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Angélique.marquise.des.anges.(1964).DVD9.PAL [FR]

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Vol.1 - Angélique Marquise Des Anges (1964) PAL.DVD9.iso  [7.89 Gb]

Vol.1 - Angélique Marquise Des Anges (1964) PAL.DVD9.mds  [8.3 Kb]

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ORIGINAL TITLE: Angelique, marquise des anges + Merveilleuse Angélique + Angélique et le roy + Indomptable Angélique + Angélique et le sultan


YEAR: 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968

DIRECTOR: Bernard Borderie

CAST: Michèle Mercier, Robert Hossein, Jean Rochefort, Claude Giraud, Jean-Claude Pascal, Roger Pigaut

RUNNING TIME: 112 mins / 100 min / 100 min / 82 min / 93 min

GENRE: Adventure

SINOPSE: Uma das abordagens mais bem sucedidas que teve o cinema francês foi o drama destes episódios com a bela Michele Mercier. Ela interpretou Angelique, uma jovem mulher na França do século XVII, que correu dezenas de aventuras num ambiente íntimo e heróico. Quer dizer: de nostalgia chorosa com alguns toques de exotismo e acção.
Esta série é baseada num romance escrito pelo casal, Anne e Serge Golon. Anne teve a seu cuidado o amor erótico e Serge a capa e espada.

SYNOPSIS: One of the most successful approaches that French cinema has had. It was the drama of these episodes starred by the beautiful Michele Mercier. She was Angelique, a young woman in seventeenth-century France, who ran dozens of both intimate and heroic adventures. They were tearful nostalgia with some hints of exoticism and action.
This series is based on a novel written by the team, wife Anne and husband Serge Golon. Anne took care of the loving and erotic, and Serge of swashbuckling.


AUDIO: French 1.0

Subtitles: Spanish, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish

Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1 / 16:9

Volume 1: Angélique Marquise de los Angeles (Angelique Marquise des Anges)
Volume 2: Angélique Road to Versailles (Merveilleuse Angélique)
Volume 3: Angélique and the King (Angelique et le Roy)
Volume 4: Indomitable Angélique (Angélique Indomptable)
Volume 5: Angélique and the Sultan (Angélique et le Sultan)


COMPRESSION: Without Compression. DVD Decrypter. VOB files converted to ISO with ImgBurn.

Angélique.marquise.des.anges.(1964).DVD9.PAL [FR]
Merveilleuse.Angélique.(1965).DVD9.PAL [FR]
Angé [FR]
Indomptable.Angélique.(1967).DVD9.PAL [FR]
Angé [FR]

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