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Montie’s guide to removing bad frames (using Divx repair)

This guide is for people that have had no luck using VirtualDub and all the others as well :D

Why do I have to remove bad frames and what are bad frames?

Bad frames are freezes in media files, if you do not remove them the audio will not sync with the video or the audio will continue on playing whilst the video freezes. Your media player might skip through the bad frames.

1. download divx repair from
2. Unzip the file
3. Open Divx repair
4. Now click “Add”
5. browse to the avi file and load it
6. click “repair files”
It’s now scanning the avi for bad frames (this may take a while)

7. If undecodable and/or freezing frames are found, DivXRepair will cut off the bad parts and will save a new file in the same directory with the old file.

8.when it’s finished a bad frame report notepad will open.

either this will be written:

Bad Frame Report from DivxRepair

File Name: C:\My Shared Folder\The Matrix Reloaded - Superbowl Trailer DivX.avi ; Total frames: 1535
Scan Complete. All Frames Appear Good.

Or if the file has got bad frames.

File Name: c:\my shared folder \the Matrix Reloaded-Superbowl trailer.avi ; Total frames: 19664
Total of 44 bad frames found.
Bad frames interval from 2314 to 2358
Repaired file: :\my shared folder \the Matrix Reloaded-Superbowl trailer.REPAIR_OK.AVI
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checked and updated :thumbs

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