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Lee.Child.Complete.Collection.(Books.1-12).MP3 [EN]

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Audio Books : Thriller : MP3/64Kbps : English
Stephen King asks in Entertainment Weekly: Who Says Real Men Don't Read?

Lee Child's tough but humane Jack Reacher is the coolest continuing series character now on offer... He satisfies the most elemental male daydream, which is at bottom quite sweet: to ramble around and help out when help is needed. Possibly with a Beretta, a blowtorch, and a submachine gun.

Grenades optional.
This is the complete collection of Lee Child audio books. As of the time of posting, there are a total of 12 books, and all feature the Jack Reacher character. A 13th book is planned for release in 2009.

Enjoy the collection!

1. Killing Floor (1997)
2. Die Trying (1998)
3. Tripwire (1999)
4. Running Blind (2000)
5. Echo Burning (2001)
6. Without Fail (2002)
7. Persuader (2003)
8. The Enemy (2004)
9. One Shot (2005)
10. The Hard Way (2006)
11. Bad Luck and Trouble (2007)
12. Nothing To Lose (2008)

Lee.Child.-.Complete.Collection.(Books.1-12).MP3.tar.gz  [4.81 Gb]

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The entire Jack Reacher series in 32kb MP3 audio books

Lee Child - 1997 - Killing Floor Unabridged Jack Reacher  [203.29 Mb]

Lee Child - 1998 - Die Trying Unabridged Jack Reacher  [201.98 Mb]

Lee Child - 1999 - Tripwire Unabridged Jack Reacher  [207.63 Mb]

Lee Child - 2000 - The Visitor - Running Blind Unabridged Jack Reacher  [179.15 Mb]

Lee Child - 2001 - Echo Burning Unabridged Jack Reacher  [189.65 Mb]

Lee Child - 2002 - Without Fail Unabridged Jack Reacher  [178.71 Mb]

Lee Child - 2003 - Persuader Unabridged Jack Reacher  [182.04 Mb]

Lee Child - 2004 - The Enemy Unabridged Jack Reacher  [182.67 Mb]

Lee Child - 2005 - One Shot 0Unabridged Jack Reacher  [158.80 Mb]

Lee Child - 2006 - The Hard Way Unabridged Jack Reacher  [147.93 Mb]

Lee Child - 2007 - Bad Luck and Trouble Unabridged Jack Reacher  [169.02 Mb]

Lee Child - 2008 - Nothing to Lose Unabridged Jack Reacher  [182.66 Mb]

Lee Child - 2009 - Gone Tomorrow Unabridged Jack Reacher  [185.89 Mb]

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Re: Child,Lee.(Novel).Jack.Reacher.Series.MP3

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Jack Reacher is a fictional character created by author Lee Child. All the books listed below are unabridged, 32kbps MP3 audio.

61 Hours

The 14th series of the Jack Reacher saga. In South Dakota a coach crashes during a savage snow storm with Jack Reacher in it. Jack gets caught up in a hunt for a murderer and the protection of a key witness. Meanwhile a link from Reachers past comes to his aid and a brings a path to redemption. Will it be enough? and what happens when Reacher comes close to failure?

Lee Child - 2010 - 61 Hours (Unabridged) Jack Reacher  [173.20 Mb]

Worth Dying For

Jack Reacher arrives late one night in a rural Nebraska town. In the town's fading motel bar he overhears a drunk doctor's refusal to attend a domestic abuse. The victim of the abuse is married to the scion of the Duncan clan, which holds that part of Nebraska in its grip, keeping the population cowed and docile. Reacher talks the doctor into doing the right thing, and ends up embroiled in a smuggling ring and an unsolved disappearance from twenty-five years prior.

Lee Child - 2010 - Worth Dying For (Unabridged) Jack Reacher  [181.15 Mb]
Read by Jeff Harding

Second Son (A Short Story)

Ever wondered what early experiences shaped Reacher's explosive career as butt-kicker supreme, the one-man guided-missile battler for justice? In this original new short story, Lee Child looks back on an incident in his hero Jack Reacher's teenage years as the younger son of a tough career US Marine, on a faraway military base in the Pacific.

Lee Child - 2011 - Second Son (Unabridged) Jack Reacher  [16.23 Mb]
Read by Kerry Shale

The Affair

March 1997. A woman has her throat cut behind a bar in Carter Crossing, Mississippi. Just down the road is a big army base. Is the murderer a local guy - or is he a soldier? Jack Reacher, still a major in the military police, is sent in undercover. The county sheriff is a former U.S. Marine - and a stunningly beautiful woman. Her investigation is going nowhere. Is the Pentagon stonewalling her? Or doesn't she really want to find the killer? The adrenaline-pumping, high-voltage action in The Affair is set just six months before the opening of Killing Floor, and it marks a turning point in Reacher's career. If he does what the army wants, will he be able to live with himself? And if he doesn't, will the army be able to live with him? Is this his last case in uniform?

Lee Child - 2011 - The Affair (Unabridged) Jack Reacher 17.rar  [180.86 Mb]
Read by Dick Hill

Deep Down (A Short Story)

1986, Washington D.C.--Jack Reacher squeezes his hulking frame into a cheap gray suit. It's too tight in the shoulders and short in the sleeves, but it's necessary for his undercover mission: Get to know four attractive, 30-year old women--Pentagon fast-trackers with their sights set on becoming generals. One of them is leaking secrets about new military weapons. Reacher's challenge is less confrontational, less violent than what he's used to. This time, he’s beckoned by Cold War politics, bureaucracy, and one woman's closely guarded secret. To crack the case, Reacher must flirt (he's painfully awkward), decipher body language (he gets stuck on her figure), and decode conversation (he's a cunning pro). Good thing he has a chess master's mind for human nature. And of course, before it’s all over, Reacher will need to be ruthless and nearly lethal.

Lee Child - 2012 - Deep Down (Unabridged) Jack Reacher 18.rar  [17.29 Mb]
Read by Kerry Shale

A Wanted Man

When you're as big and rough as Jack Reacher - and you have a badly-set, freshly-busted nose patched with silver duct tape - it isn't easy to hitch a ride. But Reacher has some unfinished business in Virginia, so he doesn't quit. And at last, he's picked up by three strangers - two men and a woman. But within minutes it becomes clear they're all lying about everything - and then they run into a police roadblock on the highway. There has been an incident, and the cops are looking for the bad guys.... Will they get through because the three are innocent? Or because the three are now four? Is Reacher just a decoy? With his signature Swiss-watch plotting and heart-thumping suspense, A Wanted Man shows Lee Child at his sublimely skilful best.

Lee Child - 2012 - A Wanted Man (Unabridged) Jack Reacher 19.rar  [152.21 Mb]
Chapterized, read by Jeff Harding

James Penney's New Identity (and) Guy Walks into a Bar (Short Stories)
Lee Child - 2012 - James Penney's New Identity - Guy Walks into a Bar (Unabridged...hort Stories.rar  [18.51 Mb]

"James Penney's New Identity"
The story features Reacher, still in the Army as a captain, helping James Penney, a Vietnam War veteran who has recently been made redundant and had his car stolen. When Penney accidentally becomes a fugitive (after he burns down three houses in the course of deliberately burning down his own as an act of vengeance against his ex-wife), Reacher helps Penney obtain a new identity so he can start a new life.

"Guy Walks Into a Bar..."
The story is set in the moments before the beginning of the novel Gone Tomorrow. Reacher, while at a blues music club, observes what he believes to be the beginning of a kidnapping as part of a Russian mafia dispute.

Lee Child - 2012 - James Penney's New Identity - Guy Walks into a Bar (Unabridged...hort Stories.rar  [18.51 Mb]

Never Go Back

Former military cop Jack Reacher makes it all the way from snowbound South Dakota to his destination in northeastern Virginia, near Washington, D.C.: the headquarters of his old unit, the 110th MP. The old stone building is the closest thing to a home he ever had. Reacher is there to meet—in person—the new commanding officer, Major Susan Turner, so far just a warm, intriguing voice on the phone. But it isn’t Turner behind the CO’s desk. And Reacher is hit with two pieces of shocking news, one with serious criminal consequences, and one too personal even to think about.

Lee Child - 2013 - Never Go Back (Unabridged) Jack Reacher 21.rar  [146.58 Mb]
Chapterized, read by Jeff Harding.

High Heat (Short Story)

A novella about the teenage Reacher. July 1977. Jack Reacher is almost seventeen, and he stops in New York on his way from South Korea to visit his brother at West Point. The summer heat is suffocating, fires are raging in the Bronx, the city is bankrupt, and the mad gunman known as Son of Sam is still on the loose.
Reacher meets a woman with a problem, and agrees to help her . . . and then the power grid fails and the lights go out, plunging the lawless city that never sleeps into chaos.
What does a visiting teenager do in the dark? If that visiting teenager is Jack Reacher, the answer is: plenty.

Lee Child - 2013 - High Heat (Unabridged) Jack Reacher 22 Short Story.rar  [25.99 Mb]
Unabridged. Read by Kerry Shale

Please note: Jack Reacher’s Rules is a compilation of advice, wisdom, and facts from the Jack Reacher series of novels by #1 New York Times bestselling author Lee Child. It features an introduction by Lee Child, but is not a Jack Reacher novel

Lee Child - 2012 - Jack Reacher's  [10.27 Mb]

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Re: Child,Lee.(Novel).Jack.Reacher.Series.MP3

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Lee Child - 2014 - Not A Drill (Unabridged) Jack Reacher 23 Short Story.rar  [16.65 Mb]
Lee Child - 2014 - Personal (Unabridged) Jack Reacher 24.rar  [153.46 Mb]
Lee Child - 2015 - Small Wars (Unabridged) Jack Reacher 25 Short Story.rar  [19.57 Mb]
Lee Child - 2015 - Make Me (Unabridged) Jack Reacher 26.rar  [188.66 Mb]

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Re: Child,Lee.(Novel).Jack.Reacher.Series.MP3

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