A Girl's Guide to 21st Century Sex - S1

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A Girl's Guide to 21st Century Sex - S1

Post by Ninja » Sun Jun 22, 2008 1:46 pm

[table=,][tr=,][td=1,,]A GIRL'S GUIDE TO 21st CENTURY SEX

The first couple of episodes of this series are
extremely explicit, showing erect penises
and close-ups of a vulva as well as detailed
footage of sexual intercourse including
penetration and ejaculation (both filmed
with a tiny camera from within the vagina).
In subsequent episodes, most such footage
was heavily (and seemingly hastily)
censored through blurring; however, the
programme remains perhaps the most
explicit ever to be broadcast on
mainstream UK television.

8 part documentary TV series about sex, running on the British broadcasting station Five.[/td][/tr][tr=,][td=1,,]Details:
Fascinating documentary series (for both men and women) which explores in great detail
the many varieties and intricacies of modern sex.

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Video Codec Code ...: XviD
Video Codec Name ...: XviD MPEG-4 codec
Video Bitrate avg ..: 1300 KB/s
Resolution .........: 640 x 352
Aspect Ratio .......: 1.81:1
Framerate ..........: 25 FPS
Color Depth ........: 24 Bits

Audio Codec Code ...: 85 (0x0055)
Audio Codec Name ...: MPEG-1 Layer 3 (MP3)
Audio Bitrate ......: 160 KB/s (CBR)
Channels ...........: 2 Ch
Sampling Rate ......: 48000 Hz

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Post by Ninja » Sun Jun 22, 2008 1:56 pm

For anyone who might think to complain about the graphic nature of this series....

Twenty-one people complained to the British national television regulator, Ofcom, that the explicitness of the sexual scenes breached obscenity and broadcasting regulations, but in their 29 January bulletin, Ofcom ruled that there was no rule banning the showing of genuine sexual acts on free-to-air television, and that "in [their] view the portrayal of sex in this programme genuinely sought to inform and educate", concluding that "whilst the visuals were explicit at times, nothing was transmitted in a manner that could be construed as having the potential to harm people under the age of eighteen", particularly given its context as a serious factual programme, and as such it was ruled that the episodes were not in breach of any broadcasting regulations.
If it's acceptable for broadcast on UK TV, it's clearly acceptable here. If you are offended by graphic content of this nature... Click off
If you grew up in a convent for instance, or were raised by priests (though in that case you've probably seen more hanky spanky than the rest of us :P) and are offended by human sexual intercourse, regardless of whether its presentation is intelligent and informative, then simply do not download it. ;)

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