James May's 20th Century - S1

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James May's 20th Century - S1

Post by wasa » Tue Jun 17, 2008 11:15 pm

James May's 20th Century


The twentieth century was a time of extraordinary change as new technologies and new inventions emerged at a bewildering rate. Our world was transformed beyond recognition, and so were our lives and our aspirations. Throughout JAMES MAY'S 20TH CENTURY James May explores the iconic themes of the century: flight, space travel, television, mechanised war, medicine, video games, electronic music, skyscrapers, electronic espionage and much more. But he also reveals the hidden story behind why some inventions like the Zeppelin, the hovercraft or the Theremin struggled to make their mark. He examines the tipping points -- when technologies such as the car or the internet became unstoppable -- and get up close by looking at the nuts and bolt of remarkable inventions. Packed with surprising statistics and intriguing facts, this is the ideal book for anyone who wants to know how stuff works and why some stuff didn't make it.
James.Mays.20th.Century.S01E01.Honey.I.Shrunk.The.World.XviD-WnA.avi  [279.86 Mb]
James.Mays.20th.Century.S01E02.Blast.Off.XviD-WnA.avi  [279.83 Mb]
James.Mays.20th.Century.S01E03.Body.Fantastic.XviD-WnA.avi  [279.87 Mb]
James.Mays.20th.Century.S01E04.Take.Cover.XviD-WnA.avi  [279.85 Mb]
James.Mays.20th.Century.S01E05.Inventing.The.Teenager.XviD-WnA.avi  [279.81 Mb]
James.Mays.20th.Century.S01E06.Big.City.Bright.Lights.XviD-WnA.avi  [279.78 Mb]

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