The History Channel - Snipers: One Shot One Kill

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The History Channel - Snipers: One Shot One Kill

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The History Channel
In a world of ever-changing urban threats, where the enemy remains elusive, even from the most sophisticated of reconnaissance technology, the Marines urge the best of their marksmen to become snipers: human machines, with inhuman patience and precision. From experimental distances of up to 3 miles, tomorrow's Marines train everyday to neutralize the deadliest of enemies with one shot from their rifle. This one shot can mean the difference between a peaceful surrender and a bloody assault, putting other Marines in danger. The Marine Sniper, efficient not only in marksmanship, but in reconnaissance and stalking, has become one of the United States' most prized answers to the unknown evils of modern-day warfare. The History Channel journeys from the jungles of Vietnam to the urban outposts of Africa and Eastern Europe, to observe these snipers watching...waiting...firing. One shot...One Kill.

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History.Channel.Snipers.One.Shot.One.Kill.XviD.MP3.[DD].avi  [348.47 Mb]

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