Architecture Of Doom - Nazism (1989)

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Architecture Of Doom - Nazism (1989)

Post by kundzia1 » Wed May 07, 2008 9:12 am

Architecture Of Doom - Nazism (1989)

War Documentary narrated by Sam Gray and published by Others in 1989 - English narration
THE ARCHITECTURE OF DOOM presents a very different perspective on the Nazi phenomenon: it considers the Nazis' atrocities as a wholly rational extension of a fundamental tenet to beautify the world.

The film argues that a tremendously powerful motivation behind Nazism has long been overlooked. This force was an extreme aesthetic aspiring to return beauty to the world, to counteract the miscegenation and degeneration which had defiled it, through sheer violence. Building on this Nazi cult of the beautiful, THE ARCHITECTURE OF DOOM examines Hitler's eccentric cultural ambitions for the Third Reich, and the profound influence his obsession - and personal failures - with art played in the development of the Nazi party. Its propaganda machine created a climate which made brutality acceptable - and later necessary - to cleanse society, citing such programs as "Action Euthanasia," whereby mentally disturbed Germans were exterminated as a step towards purifying the "Volk." It was in this atmosphere that a bridge between the primitive aesthetic and the final Nazi barbarities was built.

The rise and disastrous consequences of Nazism is still one of the great mysteries of the twentieth century. Although many films describe the symptoms and catastrophic results of the Third Reich, none provides so thought-provoking an examination of its causes as THE ARCHITECTURE OF DOOM.

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Re: Architecture of Doom - Nazism

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Re: Architecture of Doom - Nazism

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