A Chimpanzees Tale (2002)

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A Chimpanzees Tale (2002)

Post by MVGroup » Sat Mar 22, 2008 3:36 pm

A Chimpanzees Tale

Nature Documentary published by Others in 2002 - English narration



In the year 2000, Belgian television company, Gedeon followed the organisation "HELP Congo", which has been combating the illegal chimpanzee trade in Congo for more than 10 years, in their first successful attempt to reintroduce to the forest, chimpanzees raised in captivity.

In a previous documentary, Born To Be Free, attention was focused on a group of chimpanzees that were brought up and released by the association. Today, Free is looking at the way this population of chimps have adapted to their new life in the wild, how they cope with the other chimps in the forest and what relationship and social structure they have built.

The HELP Congo scientists have given each chimp a name to identify them and have attached transmitter collars to them to track and study their behavior.


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