Blue Realm: Underwater Adventure (2005)

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Blue Realm: Underwater Adventure (2005)

Post by MVGroup » Wed Mar 19, 2008 2:57 pm

Blue Realm: Underwater Adventure

Nature Documentary published by Others in 2005 - English narration



The Blue Realm is a fascinating guide to many of the creatures that lurk beneath the waves. Some stunning camera work combines with commentary from expert marine scientists to weave fascinating tales about these undersea wonders.

Sharks are filmed during various patterns of behavior, with the seemingly fearless crew getting very close to a terrifying great white;

...the seas surrounding New Guinea and Australia are mined for the "ocean venom" that lie within their reefs;

...a look at the usage of tentacles provides an opportunity to learn more about squid and octopi;

...while, finally, giant manta rays are examined, with some amazing findings about their intelligence uncovered.

It all adds up to a comprehensive guide to some of the amazing creatures with whom we share the planet.

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

Technical Specs

* Video Codec: XviD
* Video Bitrate: 2020 kbps
* Video Resolution: 688x368
* Video Aspect Ratio: ~16:9
* Video Framerate: 29.97 fps
* Audio Codec: AC3
* Audio Bitrate: 192 kbps
* Audio Channels: 2
* Runtime per Part: 47 mins
* Number of Parts: 4
* Part Size: 745 mb
* Ripped by: Xibalban


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2) ed2k Links

The.Blue.Realm.1of4.Shark.Business.XviD.AC3.avi  [745.02 Mb]
The.Blue.Realm.2of4.Ocean.Venom.XviD.AC3.avi  [744.87 Mb]
The.Blue.Realm.3of4.Tentacles.XviD.AC3.avi  [744.66 Mb]
The.Blue.Realm.4of4.Giant.Manta.Rays.XviD.AC3.avi  [745.82 Mb]

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