BBC - War of the Century (2005)

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BBC - War of the Century (2005)

Post by MVGroup » Sun Mar 16, 2008 10:57 pm

War of the Century

War Documentary hosted by Samuel West and published by BBC in 2005 - English narration



It was the bloodiest war in history, yet Hitler's brutal invasion of the Soviet Union and Stalin's subsequent fight back is surprisingly little known in the West.
More than 30 million people died during Hitler and Stalin's terrible war in the East - more than in any other single war in history. But only since the fall of the Berlin Wall have Western journalists been allowed free access to those who took part in the conflict. At last the truth behind the war can be revealed with direct testimony from people who perpetrated atrocities and the victims who suffered on both sides. More than two years in the making and filmed in Germany, Hungary, Poland, Russia, the Ukraine and Belorusia, War of the Century reveals hitherto unpublished documentary evidence that challenges many of our assumptions about why Hitler decided to invade Russia and the Soviet response to German aggression. The series uses archive footage, documentary evidence and moving testimony to reveal the complexities of this most brutal of wars, bringing the unspeakable to the screen and allowing victims and aggressors to tell the truth as they see it.

High Hopes
With reference to filmed and written material that has only emerged since the collapse of Communism, this programme looks at Hitler's plans to invade the Soviet Union. Eyewitnesses speak for the first time on television of the horror of the first months of conflict.

Spiral of Terror
This programme looks at the battle for Moscow and considers why more civilians died in this war than any other in history.

Learning to Win
During 1942, the Red Army moved from defeat to victory.

This programme describes the Red Army's dramatic advance and the German's brutal resistance. Witnesses reveal how the final days of the conflict were barbarous almost beyond comprehension.


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