ABC - Australia - Eye of the Storm (1999)

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ABC - Australia - Eye of the Storm (1999)

Post by MVGroup » Wed Feb 27, 2008 2:53 pm

Australia - Eye of the Storm

Nature Documentary published by ABC in 1999 - English narration



This award-winning, four-part series from the ABCs Natural History Unit describes the powerful climate systems that batter Australia and how they affect the weather, wildlife and people of this island continent.

Using powerful, never-before-seen cinematography and state-of-the-artart computer graphics and satellite images, each program traces the development of one extreme climatic force and explains how Australia's plants and animals cope with these long term weather events.

1) La Nina
La Nina is a climate phenomenon, the sister of El Nino. Where El Nino left drought, La Nina causes floods, massive cyclones and endless rain. This is the story of Australia's unique creatures and how they cope with this catastrophe.

2) Southern Exposure
Explores the four seasons in a year in southern Australia and how they are affected by the dramatic massing and shrinking of the polar ice-cap.

3) El Nino
Looks at how our diverse wildlife has adapted to the huge swings in climate - the heartbreaking droughts and fires, which El Nino brings.

4) Monsoon
Natural history of Australia and how it responds to extreme climatic events: to the North West, a land of extremes, comes thunder and lightning to herald the arrival of the monsoons, depicted with incredible footage and 3D animation.

Image Image Image Image

Technical Specs

Video Bitrate: 1950 Kbps
Video Resolution: 688 x 384 - 16:9
Video Codec: x264 (2-pass) MPEG-4 AVC
Custom Matrix: Yes (Prestige)
Average QP: I=19.79, P=21.87 & B=23.12
Audio Codec: AAC 48 KHz
Audio BitRate: 128kbs
Audio Channels: 2 Ch
RunTime: 00:50
Framerate: 25 fps
Number Of Parts: 4
Part Size: 745 MB
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Subtitles: NO TV Cap
Source: DVB


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2) ed2k Links

ABC.Australia.Eye.of.the.Storm.1of4.La.Nina.DVB.x264.AAC.mkv  [745.56 Mb]
ABC.Australia.Eye.of.the.Storm.2of4.Southern.Exposure.DVB.x264.AAC.mkv  [744.93 Mb]
ABC.Australia.Eye.of.the.Storm.3of4.El.Nino.DVB.x264.AAC.mkv  [743.65 Mb]
ABC.Australia.Eye.of.the.Storm.4of4.Monsoon.DVB.x264.AAC.mkv  [743.89 Mb]

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Re: ABC - Australia - Eye of the Storm (1999)

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