BBC - The Mayfair Set with Adam Curtis (1999)

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BBC - The Mayfair Set with Adam Curtis (1999)

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The Mayfair Set

History, Sociopolitical, Technology Documentary narrated by Adam Curtis and published by BBC in 1999 - English narration




Produced by Adam Curtis


VHS > DVD Recorder > DivX,
512X384, 957 to 1031 kbps, 60mins, VBR MP3 Audio, 137/8 kbps.

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Broadcast: BBC2 18th July - 9th August Sun 8:00pm 1999

The source of this documentary is an LP VHS Cassette. I would describe the
picture quality as more than reasonable considering the source and the fact most
of the documentary is made from old archived video footage. The was a lot of
hiss on the recording, which has been removed, so the sound quality is ok
but not brilliant.


Documentary series detailing the lives of a group of reckless gamblers and
chancers who all belonged to a notorious gambling club in the 60s - the Clermont
Club. All of them were instrumental in changing the structure of political power
in Britain.

Part 1: Who Pays Wins
This episode delves into the life of Colonel David Sterling, founder of
the British Special Air Service (SAS) commando unit. Following his army
stint in World War II, Sterling became a prime mover in a series of
mercenary and arms-dealing schemes in the Third World. The UK government,
of course, sanctioned these schemes. This documentary fills in some interesting
background to British intrigue in Saudi Arabia & Yemen in the 1960s, ultimately
setting the stage for current troubles in the Persian Gulf region. The film
also briefly mentions SterlingÆs odd activities in pre-independence Rhodesia.

N.B: The final 15mins of this episode are missing.

Part 2: Entrepreneur Spelt S.P.I.V.
In the 1950s, Britain was dominated by a political and financial establishment
that looked down on the stock market. But a suburban accountant called Jim
Slater realised that if he harnessed the sleeping powers of the shareholders,
he would gain immense power.

Part 3: Destroy the Technostructure
This episode recounts the story of how James Goldsmith became one of the richest
men in the world by taking over some of the biggest corporations in America.

Part 4: Twilight of the Dogs
By the 80s, the day of the buccaneering tycoons was over. Tiny Rowland,
James Goldsmith and Mohammed Al Fayed were the only ones who were not finished.



Technical Specs

* example of the tech specs for one episode
* Filesize.....: 367,073,280 bytes
* Runtime......: 44:20.080 (66502 frames)
* Video Codec..: DivX 5.2.1 (WaffleDay)
* Video Bitrate: 957 kbps
* Aspect Ratio.: 512x384
* Framerate....: 25.000 fps
* B-VOP/NVOP...: B-VOP /
* QPel/GMC.....: /
* Audio Codec..: 0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3
* Audio Bitrate: 138kbps 2ch VBR 48000Hz
* Language.....: English
* Subtitles....: None


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The.Mayfair.Set.1999.(Adam.Curtis).part.3.of.4.-.Destroy.the.Technostructure.avi  [466.27 Mb]
The.Mayfair.Set.1999.(Adam.Curtis).part.4.of.4.-.Twilight.of.the.Dogs.avi  [466.21 Mb]

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