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TITLE: Discovery - Body Invaders: Heart Attack
GENRE: Documentary
Release Date: 07/07/2004

This year one and a half million people in America alone will have a heart attack and one third of those people will die. Heart disease is the number one killer everywhere in the world, and its primary cause is diet. Doctors are able to help prevent long term damage to heart muscles by using medicine, angioplasty and bypass surgery. These therapies may one day be made obsolete by new techniques that use laser therapy and stem cells to grow new blood vessels in the heart. We learn how good diet and plenty of exercise are critical to keeping arteries open. Finally, we see how a portable little device called and automatic external defibrillator is causing a stir and saving lives.

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    Frames: 89475
    Keyframes: 1480 (Every 60)
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Discovery.Health.Heart.Attack.DivX.AC3.avi  [700.35 Mb]

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