Channel 4 - Monarchy Series2 with David Starkey (2005)

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Channel 4 - Monarchy Series2 with David Starkey (2005)

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Monarchy Series2

History Documentary narrated by David Starkey and published by Channel 4 in 2005 - English narration



Dr. David Starkey presents the second series of his history of the British monarchy, beginning in the savage maelstrom of the Wars of the Roses. The Tudors eventually triumph, and carry the crown of England to its peak. Then the House of Stuart takes the throne, uniting England and Scotland but eventually mishandling both countries.

The second series culminates in the English Civil War and a revolution that killed a king, but failed to extirpate royal rule in Britain. And in 1660, the king is returned to the throne. Starkey reveals the lust, greed, desire and emotion of England's past kings and queens as they battle for the crown. With teen pregnancies, hired hit men, scheming mothers-in-law, warring siblings and more, it features more drama than even Hollywood could dream up.

1) The Crown Imperial
The Crown Imperial - 1450s and The War of the Roses, the birth of the Tudors.

2) King and Emperor
King and Emperor - The reign of Henry VIII, his divorces and resulting dissociation with Rome, which led to the Dissolution of the Monasteries.

3) Shadow of the King
The Shadow of the King - Following the death of Henry VIII and the Act of Succession of 1543, which allowed all three of his children to rule. Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I.

4) The Stuart Succession
The Stuart Succession - With the defeat of the Spanish Armada, the English royalty was at its zenith. Scotland and England became united under the Stuart King James I (VI of Scotland), but his son Charles I within a generation would throw the country into Civil War.

5) Cromwell the King Killer
Cromwell The King Killer - 1644, the English Civil War was at its height and Monarchy - undisputable before the war - was under threat.

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Note Part 2 would not encode any smaller for some reason. Tried about 8 encodes all set at 744mb and it came out at 850mb everytime


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Re: Channel 4 - Monarchy Series2 with David Starkey (2005)

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Re: Channel 4 - Monarchy Series2 with David Starkey (2005)

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thank you :v

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