The History Channel - Secrets of Mary Magdalene

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The History Channel - Secrets of Mary Magdalene

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The History Channel
In this revealing documentary, we peer behind the veil of history to glimpse into the controversial life of Mary Magdalene. In the New Testament, Mary Magdalene is described as a devoted disciple of Jesus. However, her life continues to provoke heated debate. Some see her as a sinner and a prostitute; others portray ‘Mary of Magdala’ as Jesus’ secret wife and the leader of his church.

There is no doubt that Mary was one of Jesus’ most important apostles. She appears more frequently than other woman in the Canonical Gospels; she was present at his crucifixion and tomb. However, a huge canon of literature - which claims that Mary was the love of Jesus’ life - has emerged in recent years. Writers have argued that her behaviour at the time of Jesus’ death is consistent with the role of grieving wife and widow.

Furthermore, sources like the Gospel of Philip portray Mary as being far closer to Jesus than any other disciple. She is depicted as Jesus’ ‘koinonos’, a Greek term denoting an extremely close friend, a companion or possibly a lover. Further speculation has suggested that the biblical account of the wedding at Cana, which appears in the Gospel of St. John was, actually the marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

These apparently far-fetched ideas have been popularised by books like Dan Brown’s bestselling pseudo-historical novel ‘The Da Vinci Code’. The book’s blockbuster status has inspired millions of readers to search for information about the elusive Magdalene; it has also inspired a firestorm of debate among believers and non-believers alike.

This book takes a similarly sensational book by Dan Burstein and Arne De Keijzer as its starting point, uncovering the latest information on one of the world’s most controversial religious figures. We look at Mary’s historical impact and emerging legacy as a spiritual role model for the twenty-first century.

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