[XBOX360] Army.of.Two.PAL.(2008)-Allstars

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[XBOX360] Army.of.Two.PAL.(2008)-Allstars

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Army of Two
* Game Info

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.. Allstars present :
       Army of Two (c) EA
.. iNFOS :
    Rel.Date.: 03/02/08
    Platform.: X360
    Genre....: Action
    Source...: PAL
    Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish
    Format...: .dvd
    Size.....: 1 DVD
.. gAME iNFOS :
    In Army of Two, the United States is awarding an unprecedented number of
    contracts to Private Military Corporations (PMC) in an effort to maintain
    its presence worldwide. Since the Vietnam War, this number has increase
    ten fold and is only rising. As the clear cut flow of the chain of command
    blurs and the military responsibilities of a nation slipping out of its
    own control, it is getting hard to tell who really holds the power.
    As ex-Army Rangers now turned contractors for a PMC, Army of Two challenges
    you to fight along side your team-mate on missions developing and using the
    combined skills necessary to become the deadliest two man military outfit.
    Whether with a live player or Army of Two’s unique partner AI, Army of Two
    delivers a revolutionary new way to play an action shooter.
    From two man sniping to parachuting, Army of Two players will experience
    action-packed scenarios where they will have to use their wit, strength
    and an arsenal of shared customisable weapons to successfully defeat their
    enemies and complete the mission at hand.
    On or offline, Army of Two players can seamlessly transition from AI to a
    live partner as they fight their way through war, turmoil and a conspiracy
    so vast it threatens the entire world. When one man is not enough, it's
    going to take an Army of Two to save us.

 - Allstars
Army.Of.Two.PAL.X360-Allstars.rar  [6.14 Gb]

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Re: [XBOX360] Army.of.Two.PAL.(2008)-Allstars

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seriously, this is the best site ever!!!

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