Posting Rules (Updated December 6, 2007)

Post and discuss news from around the world. When posting, please link to source. You can also post your own movie, game or audio reviews.
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Posting Rules (Updated December 6, 2007)

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News & Articles: Reporting of current events; Informative or theoretical topics about interesting subjects such as software, hardware, P2P, technology, etc.

Reviews: You may post your own movie/game/music/software review. If you choose to post someone else's review (because you agree with it for example), you will need to link to the source.

General Rules

- If you copied an article or review, you need to identify the source at the bottom of the post
- For all reviews, please provide an IMDb/Gamespot/Wikipedia/Allmusic/etc. link that applies to the object of the review
- Please tag your post appropriately: [News] Topic (for News) and [Review] Movie/Game/CD etc. title (for reviews)



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