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Little did the Lunar Corporation know the impact they made by the time their space research facility's goals after 2002 would allow human space travel, space exploration monopoly and even the exploitation of space itself! NASA's technology was then absorbed by them during the 2012 to 2014 crisis. Orbital City 1 attracted a company employee flight for safety away from Earth's economic chaos. After failed attempts of a second city in 2036 and the company's first permanent base on the moon in 2037, all of the residents of Orbital City 1 were evacuated to the moon called Luna 1 when the Great War broke out on Earth. As a result, the Lunar Corporation severed ties with its mother planet to follow an independent development path, with a second city finally completed years later (Luna 2).

Earth laid in ruins after several more years of war which led to anarchy. America's 12 previous states were later reorganized into the United Civilized States (UCS). Eastern Europe and Asia's representatives -- the Kahn Clan -- built a new country called the Eurasian Dynasty (ED). As respective territorial neighbors, no other power on Earth could match them. However, in the year 2147, it was inevitable that war was the only choice they had in order to feed the power-hungry rulers of each empire, and thus the ED and UCS staged an act of war against each other. The solar orbit was then adversely affected as Lunar Corporation's scientists correctly interpreted that the future disaster by 2150 would lead to the further shrinking distance between the Sun and the Earth by about 17 percent.

No one cooperated for a mass migration to Mars, which was the only hope for the survival of mankind. And thus, without resources available to pour into the project due to the war forcing all scientific activity toward weaponry, the Lunar Corporation had to join the war in order to fight over the remaining resources left on Earth.

Previously, real-time strategy (RTS) had been in its infancy within the 3D realm, but with the all-terrain and subterranean Earth 2150 from SSI, North America gets to have a taste of what Germany already enjoyed: real-time lighting, true 3D terrain deformation, realistic fog-of-war, and particle effects. In addition, some other goodies include: over 45 CG cut-scenes; a non-linear mission system (with 75 missions in all); real-time weather and day/night influences on strategy and tactics; over eight-player participation with the multiplayer feature, using TCP/IP, IPX or a modem; a unique 3D Map Editor; a simultaneous multiple-camera interface (three window views with zooming and rotating capability); and last but not least, customizable units from various chassis, weapon systems and upgrades.

The Troop Management System and Platoon Base Control allow you to create your own troop formations, change squads and patrol areas, as well as enlist the aid of computer generals in perfecting your campaign. You have a choice of three completely different sides, meaning three separate strategies, interface looks, and music soundtracks -- essentially three games in one!

From scaling mountains and digging out bulwarks to creating tunnel systems and detonating entire regions, Earth 2150 comes at you with story, eye candy, and a new outlook on the future of the strategy genre. Can you save Earth from destruction? Can you save mankind from itself? Which side will you be on, the ED, UCS, or Lunar Corporation? War is ugly -- but unavoidable!

Code: Select all

 .                 ³°ÛÛÛÛÛ                                                    .
   ³²ÛÛßÛßß ß      ³±ÛÛÛÛÛ      ß ßß²ÛÛÛÛÛ ³²ÛÛÛÛÛßß ß     ³²ÛÛÛÛÛßß ß
 . ³²ÛÛÛÛÛ ³²ÛÛÛÛÛ ³²ÛÛÛÛÛ ³²ÛÛßÛßßß²ÛÛÛÛÛ   ßßßßßßß²ÛÛÛÛÛ   ßßßßßßß²ÛÛÛÛÛ    .
                               [ P r e s e n t s ]                   AB!DF2^SAC

                   EARTH 2150 *FINAL* (C) TOPWARE/SSi/MINDSCAPE
  Released   : June 9th, 2000               :  Game Type  : Real Time Strategy
  Protection : CDilla                       :  # of Disks : 43 * 2.88mb
  Win 95/98, P233, 32M RAM, 250M HD, DX 7.x, DirectMedia 6.x, Media Player 6.4+
                             [ G a m e   N o t e s ]

  The first all-terrain, 3D real-time strategy game has landed on American
  shores. After taking Germany by storm, Earth 2150 is ready to change RTS

  More than just eye candy, its revolutionary 3D engine takes the genre in a
  new direction. Meteor showers rain down from above. Climate changes affect
  how weapons and vehicles function. Fog rolls in early during the morning
  obstructing view range. Weapons recoil after firing. And full warfare occurs
  beneath the surface of the earth.

  Take the completely 3-dimensional landscape into account while planning your
  troop movements: you'll need to scale towering mountains, dig out protective
  bulwarks and create entire tunnel systems. Explosions and detonations can
  change entire regions in an instant.

  Fascinating day-and-night cycles affect your strategy: watch the shadows
  change according to the sun's position. Solar cells adapt to the varying
  intensity of the sun's rays. Blackout your spotlights and launch a surprise
  nighttime attack!

  Non-linear mission system with 75 highly challenging missions: you'll need
  to carefully decide your next action. Should you conquer a strategically
  vital area? Search for alien artifacts? Or perhaps you should try gaining
  experience for your units.

  Ever-changing weather effects: just when you think you've planned everything
  just right, strong winds force your jets to make emergency landings; a
  blizzard covers buildings and vegetation in a blanket of snow; and meteorite
  showers lay waste to large sections of territory. Time to rethink your

  Simple to use troop management system and platoon base control: create your
  own troop formations, change the squads and patrol areas as necessary, and
  enlist the aid of computer generals in perfecting your campaign.

  Three totally different sides take part in the conflict. This means 3
  strategies, 3 interface looks, 3 music soundtracks. In short - three games
  in one!

  Multiplayer mode supports up to 8 players: engage in Internet or LAN matches,
  or access The Microsoft Gaming Zone for instant action.

  Easy-to-use map editor: in just a few seconds you can create your own mission
  map and post it on the Internet for immediate download. Mattel Interactive
  will also make a steady stream of new maps and other surprises available on
  the Internet.

  Handy 3D camera system: Zoom and rotate the camera angle any way you wish,
  and use the sophisticated tracking system to keep your most critical troops
  in sight at all times. You can even play with three camera windows

  Construct your own units from numerous chassis and weapon systems, then go
  after those upgrades!

  Wage battle on, above and below the Earth's surface - on land, in the air,
  and on the water. The arsenal at your disposal includes aircraft, tanks,
  robots, ships, helicopters and much, much more!

  Revolutionary 3D engine creates real-time lighting, true 3D terrain
  deformation, realistic fog-of-war and particle effects

  This time there is no denying a beta was released to the scene by DVN. You
  can even see it in the menu when you start:

  DVN = v2.6.0.4
  CLS = v2.8.0.7

  File Differences:

  LANGUAGE WD        114,686  03-11-00  5:39p  language.wd
  UPDATE~1 WD      3,855,232  04-20-00 12:09p  update001.wd

  LANGUAGE WD        115,335  05-19-00  1:05p Language.wd
  UPDATE~1 WD      3,970,853  05-10-00  9:26a Update001.wd

  No CDilla files in the DVN rip, nor any manual, just like in the beta.

  DVN's rip took HOURS to rebuild, and CLS does professional rips and
  rebuilds with professionally coded tools. To be sure you get the best
  quality rip, here is the whole thing.

  We will miss Eurosoft, who is now retiring from the scene completely. He is
  leaving germany, and gives his highest regards to all CLS/FLT/BLH members.

  Lastly, happy b-day to T.A.R... or should we say, happy drinking day?!
  If you get drunk today, give a cheer to him.. oh hell, just get drunk now!

  URL :

  Ripped :
  Music & Movies. Expect a music addon.

                         [ I n s t a l l   N o t e s ]

   Unzip, run our NEW installer or unace manually. Run REBUILD.BAT, then
   run setup.exe for your gfx and then EARTH2150.EXE to play the game!

   If sluggish, turn off intro movie & autorun when running setup.exe.

                   "Salute to the fallen, they will be missed"  [118.27 Mb]

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