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Posting eD2k Links

Post by Stoepsel »

A guide on posting movies has been posted at

*to create links using your ed2k client, please see Mr Fido's post below

STF Collider - The Manual

To make the task of creating ed2k links easier and faster, we've developed a little tool called STF Collider to help you, the aspiring STF contributor. This little tutorial will guide you through the process of creating links to be posted here on the forum.

Simply follow this manual and you'll be well on your way to creating links to the files you want to share with the rest of the p2p world.


Download RAR archive from

Extract all the files in the RAR archive into a new folder, e.g. C:\STF_Collider\.

Start STF_Collider.exe.

You should see the following window pop up:


The easiest way to specify, which files/folders to hash, is to drag them from Windows Explorer into the large text area at the bottom (highlighted in red):


You can drag multiple files/folders at once. The file/folder names will be automatically added into the "File/Folder" field.


Using the File Separator combo box, you can define, which separating character to use after each ed2k link. Valid choices are:
* (None)
* Tab
* Space

Tab is useful for pasting links into Excel sheets. (None), Space and Return are useful for forum posts.

Once you've specified, which files/folders to hash and the way the links should be formatted, press the Hash button:


This will start the hashing process in the background, which in turn generates an output file containing the hash information about the files. Notice how the STF Collider displays, which file is currently being hashed and how many files have already finished.
The links will be written into the large text area and automatically copied to the Clipboard. Now simply paste the data into a forum post, notepad, Excel, or whatever else your heart desires.

In case you chose the wrong formatting settings before hashing, you can change the settings and press the Apply button. This will generate the quicklinks again based on the new settings without needing a rehash of the files.

If you want to erase the previously selected list of files/folders and links, simply press the Clear button.

Optimal settings for forum posts:

To conclude this manual, we'd like to show you the settings you should use, when posting links on this forum.

The optimal settings to use are:
* Set the File Separator to Return.

When you've changed the settings as just described, your STF Collider should look somewhat like this:


Please give this little tool a try. All feedback will be prompty ignored -- unless it is positive. ;)


12 Dec 2004: Added download link to RAR archive.
18 Feb 2006: Added section about optimal settings for forum; hosted pictures to
09 Jan 2009: Updated manual to reflect current version of STF Collider; fixed links to images and download
01 Apr 2012: Updated STF Collider to use rhash; additionally generates AICH hash; supports files > 4GB
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Mr. Fido
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Post by Mr. Fido »

In order to keep instructions on posting ed2k links in one thread, and since all other tutorials on posting are outdated, here's a brief reminder:

You can either use this great application called STF Collider, as described above by Stoepsel, or you can copy and paste ed2k links directly from your ed2k client.

Simply go to your Transfers or Shared Files tab, right-click the file you wish to post and go to: eD2k Links.

You can then simply Copy the link into your thread.

Note: it is best to simply Copy ED2k link to clipboard as opposed to copy the HTML ED2k link because this will allow STF members to check sources for such file.

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How to post a movie link on ShareTheFiles

Post by .:jOe:. »

Posting a link can be daunting at first if you have no experience, so this guide is designed to help members post movie links they would like to contribute to the ed2k community.

First of all you will need a few things before you can post.

• The movie you have verified. Make sure you have this and have watched it (verified it) and it is what you say it is.

• The .nfo file that comes with the release. This is a text document that details information concerning the movie.

• A picture of the DVD cover or a poster picture from the internet. You can search through Google images and save one you like to your hard drive.

Now your ready to post!

1. Go into the relevant forum and click "New Topic"

2. In the subject line put the title of the movie in accordance with the Posting Rules

3. Using Imageshack upload your DVD cover or Poster picture by clicking the browse button.
• Browse to the file on your hard drive and select it.
• Press the host it button once and wait for the Imageshack popup window to display the link to your uploaded picture.
• Copy and paste the "Hotlink for Forums" (1) or (2) link directly into your post.

4. Open your .nfo file with Notepad and copy the entire contents to your clipboard.
• In your post, press the code button and paste the contents of the .nfo file into your post.
• Press the Code button again and hit preview to see how it all looks.

Code: Select all

 It should be in a box like this.
5. Now open your edonkey client and click on "Shared Files" (Guide based on eMule)
• Navigate to the file you want to share and right click it.
• Click on "ed2k links".
• Click the "Copy" button and go back to your post and paste the link. Once again, hit preview and see how it looks.

That's it! Make sure you preview your post from time to time to make sure it looks how you would like it to.

You can throw in a few screen captures if you have them or a link to the movie on is always helpful.

Enjoy The Files :D

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Re: Posting eD2k Links

Post by Stoepsel »

STF Collider updated to use rhash instead of fsum. See ... 7&t=215767 for a bug report on fsum that affects previous versions of STF Collider).

I strongly urge people to update their version of STF Collider.

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