The Soviettes - Rarities (2010) [Punk]

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The Soviettes - Rarities (2010) [Punk]

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Image ... tes_album)
FATHEAD presents...

ARTIST: The Soviettes
TITLE: Rarities
LABEL: Rad Girlfriend Records / Dead Broke Records
TYPE: Reissue
BITRATE: 297kbps avg
PLAYTIME: 0h  35min total
RELEASE DATE: 2015-00-00
RIP DATE: 2018-03-16
CATALOG: RGF-052 / DBR-135
Tracks: 18

Track List:
01 Hot Sauced And Peppered         2:33
02 In The Red                      1:19
03 Go Lambs Go!                    1:57
04 Sandbox                         1:24
05 Matt's Song (Split Version)     2:44
06 Sixty Days                      2:01
07 Latchkey                        2:50
08 Sunday AM                       2:50
09 The Nine To Life                2:34
10 Gossip@whogivesashit.Com        1:54
11 Twin Cities Sound               1:53
12 Minutes Or Less                 1:38
13 Mazacon                         1:45
14 Alright                         1:32
15 Plus One                        1:19
16 Old Man Reading A Book          2:06
17 The Best Of Me                  1:32
18 LPIII Original Intro            1:23


A1-A4 Originally release on Pop Riot Records "T.C.C.P." 7" in 2002

A5-B2 Originally released on Pop Riot Records "Soviettes / Valentines EP" in

B3 Originally released on Havoc Records "No Hold Back All Attack" compilation in

B4-B5 Originally released on Star Jets (Japan) and Nice and Neat (U.S.)
"Soviettes / Havenots" Split 7"

B6-B7 Originally released on Dirtnap Records "Alright" 7" in 2004

B8-B10 Unreleased demos for LP III on Fat Wreck Chords in 2005

Vinyl labels are misprinted. The Rad Girlfriend catalogue number is RGF-052. The
jacket says RGF-052, and labels say RGF-054.
The_Soviettes-Rarities-REISSUE-VINYL-FLAC-2015-FATHEAD.rar  [754.94 Mb]

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