*-,._.,-*~> POSTING RULES FOR LINKS <~*-,._.,-* Please read before posting!

File formats: FLAC, WAV, MLP, APE, TTA, ALS, etc.
Any complete CD albums, whether in multiple files or single file archive (e.g. rar) of a single artist, as well as albums with various artists such as the Now series of compilations (with VA tag); lossless is a class of data compression algorithms that allows the exact original data to be reconstructed from the compressed data, meaning that those releases were compressed without any loss in quality.
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*-,._.,-*~> POSTING RULES FOR LINKS <~*-,._.,-* Please read before posting!

Post by Andrei »

POSTING RULES, please read before posting!

So you want to contribute to STF by giving us a link for a music file? Thanks for the input, but you will have to follow some simple rules so that the forum remains clean and easily readable!

The aim is simply to keep the forum clean, and since we have many different people posting it's necessary to establish some basic rules all must follow, and freely improve if they feel like it! As long as some basic information is in the topic, you are free to post as you wish! Good posting!!


If you want to know how to share an album uploaded by yourself ARCH has made a very complete topic explaining it all RIGHT HERE.


This section is named "Lossless Complete Albums and Compilations", so NO SINGLES, NO SOUNDTRACKS and also NO LOSSY ALBUMS OR COMPILATIONS.

- Lossy Complete Albums and Compilations (with file formats like: MP3, AAC, MPC, OGG, WMA, etc.) go in THIS FORUM
- Singles & Promos (including EPs and single MP3 tracks) go in THIS FORUM
- Soundtracks or "OSTs" (of a movie, a TV series or a video game for example) go in THIS FORUM

Just like the title says, this forum is for LOSSLESS albums and compilations. This means that all music file formats like: FLAC, MLP, APE, TTA, ALS, etc. should go in here.

In this section, you can post a single file including the different tracks of the album (archive) or multiple single files (track per track for example).You can also post album collections here, such as discographies and boxsets, but ONLY collection of albums that are included in ONE SINGLE ARCHIVE.

For example, an archive including the 3 first albums of Michael Jackson (Off The Wall, Thriller and Bad).

If it's many albums in many different ED2K links you want to post, you'll need to post one separate topic for each album!

  • 2 - POSTING: THE TOPIC SUBJECT LINE - please pay special attention to this part!

This is the first thing people see when they enter the forum so you want to keep it SHORT, CLEAN and PRECISE (and accurate PLEASE!).
Only 4 things in the topic title:

1 - The artist/group name
2 - The album name
3 - The ORIGINAL release year between parenthesis ( )
4 - The album genre (ONLY ONE of the genres mentioned in the following list!) between brackets [ ]

The actual rules of STF define music genres into different musical styles:
01) [Soul] (this includes Motown/Gospel/Funk)

02) [Rap] (this includes Hip-Hop/Crunk/Jazz-Rap)

03) [Electronic] (this includes Industrial/Techno/Trance/Ambient/Downtempo/Breakbeat/Drum & Bass/Synthpop/Dubstep/Jungle/Happy Hardcore/Breakcore/EBM/Aggrotech/Big Beat/Electro-punk)

04) [Metal] (this includes Alternative Metal/Nu Metal/Groove Metal/Thrash Metal/Black Metal/Death Metal/Deathcore/Metalcore/Gothic Metal/Heavy Metal/Power Metal/Doom Metal/Sludge Metal/Stoner Metal/Folk Metal/Grindcore)

05) [Rock] (this includes Alternative Rock/Grunge/Indie Rock/Pop Rock/Emo/Screamo/Funk Rock/Industrial Rock/Hard Rock/Rock & Roll/Mathcore/Goth Rock/Progressive Rock/Glam Metal/Shoegaze/Post-Rock/Post-Punk/Folk Rock/Deathrock)

06) [Punk] (this includes Punk Rock/Pop Punk/Ska Punk/Oï/Hardcore Punk/(Modern) Hardcore/Electro Punk/Horror Punk/D-Beat/Crust Punk

07) [Pop] (this includes Country Pop/Dream Pop/Indie Pop/Noise Pop/Electro-pop

08) [Classical] (this includes Opera/Avant-Garde Classical/Contemporary Classical/Neo-classical/Chamber Music)

09) [Country] (this includes Alternative Country/Country Gospel/Outlaw Country/Bluegrass)

10) [Dance] (this includes House/Eurodance/Disco)

11) [Reggae] (this includes Reggae/Ska/Ragga/Dancehall)

12) [R&B] (this includes Rhythm and Blues/Pop R&B/Urban Pop)

13) [World] (this includes Latin/African music/Bhangra)

14) [Jazz] (this includes Latin Jazz/Jazz Fusion/Ragtime/Swing/Bepop/Smooth Jazz/Vocal Jazz)

15) [Folk] (this includes Celtic, Neofolk)

16) [Comedy]

18) [Blues] (this includes Blues Rock)
Of course, classifying music into one category is sometimes difficult, but if you look at it right you shouldn't have too many problems. If you do, please say so in you post and someone will help you! If you have no idea, put [GENRE] in your subject line, you can still edit it later (or a moderator will do it for you).

So if you're posting this release:
your subject line should be:
Coldplay - Viva La Vida (2008) [Rock]

Please use spaces (no underscores _ or dots . ) and DO NOT put anything else than required.
Only 2 things in the topic title:

1 - VA - the compilation name
2 - The ORIGINAL release year between parenthesis ( )

No need to put any genres! Just the above information.

For compilation titles please use capital letters for each word, uppercase ONLY for the "VA" tag.
e.g: This Is What We Mean By Capital Letter For Each Word.

So if you're posting this release:
your subject line should be:
VA - Dancehall Fever (2008)

Please use spaces (no underscores _ or dots . ) and DO NOT put anything else than required.

[list]3 - POSTING: THE TOPIC ITSELF[/list][/color]

So this is the part where you can be creative. Why? Well to make your post look nice! Just avoid putting useless pictures and plain nonsense, we want info about the link (the file) and that's all!

There are just some things that are MANDATORY:

1 - A picture of the front cover (and the image should be hosted on a site like imageshack or photobucket),
2 - A link to the artist/band's official MySpace page and/or links to Wikipedia and other valuable sources of information,
(only mandatory for complete albums)
3 - A tracklist of the compilation/album (or albums)
4 - Some information about the artist/band/compilation or album if possible,
5 - The ED2K link of course!

We insist that the image of the compilation/album front cover must be hosted on a hosting site. ShareTheFiles has its own hosting service you can use HERE

We are not too fussy about what you include here just as long as ALL points listed above are included. Feel free to make something nice (but keep it classy and clean please) it's always appreciated!

Please post the rip log (if you have it) so that we are sure that the lossless rip is perfect!

Also know that if you have the NFO file just copy it between "code" tags [ code ] and [ /code ] or "NFO" tags [ nfo ] [ /nfo ] (without the spaces). This way we have all the information needed (release date, quality, tracklist, eventual comments or info).

[list]4 - THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT POSTING[/list][/color]

Posting an album/compilation is not as complex as posting a movie so this guide should cover it all.

There are nevertheless some particularities that you should be aware of.

When you're posting an album or a compilations, check if it hasen't already been posted by somebody else. If it has, check if your link is the same as the one already posted and if it isn't, post your link in the topic as a reply to the original message. You must still follow the rules mentioned in part 3. If your link is the same file as the one already posted but only with a different hash (identification code) just say so in you post (same file, different hash) and put the ED2K link.

For example, an "ADVANCE" version of an album is released and someone creates a thread for it, when the retail is released it is posted in that thread.

The best info about a release is in the NFO file. If you do not have it try a google search for it. There are many many websites that collect all NFO files released.

Of course, if you post incorrectly we won't blame you for it, but if there are rules it would be nice if everybody would respect them!

Good posting on STF and remember, it's all about the sharing!


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Re: <font color=red><b>*-,._.,-*~> POSTING RULES FOR LINKS <~*-,._.,-*</b></font> Please read before

Post by ginger »

More tags added:

[Jazz] [Folk] [Comedy]

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Re: <font color=red><b>*-,._.,-*~> POSTING RULES FOR LINKS <~*-,._.,-*</b></font> Please read before

Post by Alkohol »

From now on, posters will be required to enter the original release year of the album they are posting in the subject line, regardless of said album being a re-release or remaster.

This is to avoid confusion and keep the audio section as clean and organised as possible.
Please report any old topics that do not adhere to the new rule.


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